Behind The Reporting On The Case of Chen Liangyu

From Boxun, translated by EastSouthWestNorth:

At the end of July 2006, following the placing of Shanghai Social Security Bureau director Zhu Junyi under “double regulations,” (technical note: the person must make an account of his problems at a designated time and place) a once-in-a-decade anti-corruption battle formally began.

But from the end of July throughout all of August, even the reporters who knew the inside story were unsure that the political career of a member of the Politburo would be buried.  As a matter of fact, the investigative series on the case of the Shanghai social security base was conducted in the middle of a thick fog.  There are two reasons for the uncertainty: First, the true intent of the central government in investigating the social security case was unclear; secondly, the space for reporting by the news media was also unclear.

The reporters and editors at <21st Century Business Herald> began a news marathon under these uncertain circumstances.

Afterwards, readers asked us, “What is behind your reporting?”¬† If you understand the process by which the series of reports came into being, the answer will be automatically obvious. [Full Text]

February 14, 2007 7:51 AM
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