Netizen’s Creativity on the “China’s Most Incredible Holdout” Story

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In last few days, the “China’s Most Incredible Holdout” or ” Nailhouse” became the hottest story in Chinese cyberspace, as well as in official media. In addition to commentaries, analytical articles, images of this two floor house, as well as pictures and videos are everywhere. This picture is from an online forum The post said: “If I were Mr. Yang (owner of the “Nailhouse” ), this is what I would do.”

Mr. Yang, 51, a restaurateur and martial arts champion and his wife Wu Ping instantly became folk heros and their images appeared on thousands blogs BBSs and even official media websites. Here are some online spoofing of him, cartoons from To see more netizen’s spoofing pictures, please click here:

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(The red characters are “Do it in Chinese way!” The circled character is “Demolish It!”)

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March 23, 2007, 12:07 PM
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