The Story of Qu Chao: Disabled Goldfish Farmer РRFA

From RFA Unplugged:

What follows is the story of Qu Chao, a goldfish farmer in the northeastern Chinese province of , and his attempt to lodge a complaint via the courts and through complaints procedures in Beijing, against local officials who, he says, sabotaged his business and deprived his family of their livelihood. The resourceful Qu is one of the first to record their beating at the hands of provincial officials who came to Beijing to bring him home. He was severely disabled before the beating; now he says his condition has worsened. You can read and listen to the original RFA Mandarin service Investigative Report (ZH) here, and listen to audio of Qu’s detention and beating at the appropriate place in the text. [Full text]

May 23, 2007 8:58 AM
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