“How Can You Answer To Your Conscience?” – 400 Fathers of Brick Kiln Child Laborers

The group of fathers whose children are missing in the brick kilns of Shanxi Province have written a second letter expressing frustration with the long and painful process they have been through searching for their children and decrying the government for their failure to help. Translated by a CDT reader: We are the fathers of the 400 unfortunate kids who were sold to brick kilns as hard laborers. On June 5th, when we had exhausted all the means to look for our sons, we wrote a joint letter asking for help, which was posted on Dahe website, titled “400 fathers crying out in blood, who can save our children?“. We were hoping that the Internet would pass the suffering of our children to the highest levels of the central government, and attract their attention. Our letter has been carried by all major news outlets, and gained the support from many people with good social conscience and responsibilities. Many mainstream media went to the local site to interview, investigate and research, and finally this shocking case that is so tragic, in which human lives are so lightly tossed, that makes all of our hearts tremble, is uncovered. Due to the monitoring of the media and the public’s demands, the central Party gave it high priority. The Secretary General of the Party, Hu Jintao, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and other leaders of the country also gave important instructions. The Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions Zhang Min led work teams in Shanxi province to monitor and guide the rescues. Shanxi government also finally expressed clearly, and all level of governments have declared, their determination to strike the black brick kilns and save the migrant workers. The police department in Henan province is striking at the human traffickers, and are ...
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