Blogs deleted, barred and officially backed – John Kennedy

The latest NetNews This Week (网事一周 ) column from newly installed Netease Blog Editor Wen Yuchao notes a rash of recent blog bans and deletions. Foremost among these is the early death of an Olympics blog recently launched by China Sports Illustrated reporter Gua Erjia (瓜尔加 ). Translated by Global Voices Online:

On August 16 Bullog editor Luo Yonghao published a post announcing that Gua Erjia’s newly-opened Bullog blog “The Beijing Olympics, I don’t support them” had been deleted. In his post Luo Yonghao writes: “no need to go around asking what the reason was; we’re all Chinese, not some foreign guests.” Gua Erjia had attempted to use this blog “to let the outside world know that China does not only just have one voice.”

Wen also reports the online anti- game “Incorruptible Warrior,” mentioned earlier on CDT, has been taken offline, apparently because it wasn’t being taken seriously enough. [Full Text]

August 20, 2007 1:42 AM
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