China Plans Greater Scrutiny of Food Exports – Eric Lipton

In response to the toy recalls and to the numerous food and product safety scares, China has claimed to have stepped up its inspections of its exports and has promised to send delegations to the U.S. to discuss the trade issues this fall.

From the New York Times:


Chinese government authorities are prepared to require that every shipment of food being exported to the United States and other countries be inspected for quality by the government, starting Sept. 1, a senior Chinese trade official said on Wednesday.

Zhao Baoqing, who is based at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, said that all types of food would be inspected with at least one box in each shipment checked and that each package or shipment would be affixed with a government seal. [Full Text]

[Image: Zhao Baoqing, center, a commerce official, addressed safety concerns about exports Wednesday at the Chinese Embassy in Washington. NYT/Susan Etheridge.]

August 16, 2007 1:04 AM
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