The Next Land Revolution? РLi Datong (李大同)

From openDemocracy:

Li Yulan, a painter living in Beijing, finds herself in a worrying situation. She lives in Songzhuang (ÂÆãÂ∫Ñ) village, an artists’ community located within the borders of Beijing municipality, but outside the city proper. Now, the contract she signed five years ago when purchasing her home has been declared void by the local court. The court order also demands that she leave her home within ninety days.

Li is not alone in her predicament: since October 2006, twelve artists have been taken to court by the farmers from whom they bought their Song village properties. These farmers had been delighted to sell their homes for what at the time were considered excellent prices, but the recent dramatic rise in property values makes them think that they got a raw deal; today, they seek to reclaim their properties. [Full Text]

Li Datong (李大同) is a Chinese journalist and a former editor of Bingdian (Freezing Point).

August 8, 2007 9:27 AM
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