Crude Drug Raid Highlights Ignorance of Beijing’s Police – Chris O’Brien

Reuters and South China Morning Post reported on the recent violent police crackdown on suspected African drug dealers in noisy Sanlitun bar district in . based blogger, Chris O’Brien, has more stories to tell. From Newspeak:

I have no doubt the SCMP report can be taken as read as I consider the author of the article – housemate, friend of ten years and a member of my journalism class – to be a very reliable source. He was present at the scene of the chaos on Friday night, having a beer outside the Saddle bar opposite Tongli Studios. I feel it is worth detailing exactly what happened, away from the constraints of a limited word count and the news story format.

At about 1am, a group of five or six men in camouflage uniform charged past the Saddle towards Poachers’ Inn. Their average age was around 18 and 19 – some looked as young as 16, others maybe 25 – and their scruffy appearance, straggly hair and gangly limbs made them look decidedly amateurish… [Full Text]

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September 24, 2007 9:28 PM
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