Chinese Nominees for the BoBs - Oiwan Lam

From Global Voices Online:

This year the Best of Blogs voting has started in Oct 22, 2007. You can cast your vote online for the best weblogs, videoblogs and podcasts. According to Deutsche Welle, there were 7,000 nominations around the world this year.

15 Chinese weblogs are in the nominee list. Among which three of them come from the, namely the Eight Continents (dead link), Love Letter (dead link)and the peaceful side of Luo (dead link). However, very strangely, the (dead link) has temporally closed down since last week. It is not sure whether it is due to the 17th Party Congress or the result of the BoBs nomination. [Full Text]

October 27, 2007, 8:35 PM
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