Farmer Accused of Fake Tiger Photo Returns to Forest – Isabelle Duerme

The Huanan tiger drama is getting more complicated, as , the farmer who provided the photos, says he intends to go back to the forests and take more tiger photos to defend himself. From AHN:

Chinese farmer Zhou Zhenglong, 52, has gone back into the wilderness to take more photos of the tiger, in an effort to refute accusations that the photo he earlier submitted was a fake.

A former hunter in the Chengguan Township of Zhenping County, Zhou said that he planned to track down the tiger and bring back more photographs. He has been searching for tiger tracks for the past three days…

The posters of what is being referred to as the “paper tiger” has been in circulation since 2002. The printing press’s manager, upon being asked if the poster was a copy of Zhou’s photograph, was enraged and called the claim “ridiculous.” [Full Text]

(Image: Farmer Zhou Zhenglong shows his photos of the Huanan Tiger.)

November 24, 2007 4:50 PM
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