Confessions of the Corrupt –

See some amazing remarks from Chinese officials caught with hands in the till. Translated by CDT from

Chen Zhaofeng (陈兆丰) took bribes while he was the county party secretary of Dingyuan in Anhui Province. “You worked very hard in cracking down on , but I also worked hard on !” he told investigators on his case.

Former vice mayor Yu Bin (余斌) of Linxiang (临湘) in Hunan Province was arrested for taking bribes. He invented a theory of “taking bribes to alleviate poverty,” according to which, “I take bribes to invest what’s from the people on things for the people.”

Former chief of roads bureau Li Guowei (李国蔚) of Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province was sentenced to a life term for taking bribes and large amounts of unexplained assets. He noted, “I committed this because of bad social morals. And I was an unlucky dog when I got picked out.”

“We need large-scale breaking of the routine, large-scale exchanges, large-scale adjustments, and large-scale acts when shuffling personnel,” so remarked former party secretary Wu Bao’an (武保安) of Yicheng County (翼城) of Shanxi Province during a county conference. He figured that a panicked flock of cadres would all plead with him to keep their offices, thus he could count on a flood of cash gifts. During his eight months as county party secretary, he collected 5 million yuan from his theory of governance by “large-scale acts.”

“I am a law enforcer, and I know that there are a lot of loopholes to sneak through,” thus confessed Tian Fengqi (田凤岐), former chief of the Liaoning provincial high people’s court after being arrested for bribe taking. He often used his position to work out favors for his son’s businesses. [Full Text in Chinese]

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