Public Opinion Wins in Xiamen

According to Time China blog, a final decision has been made on the controversial Xiamen PX project: it’s being moved to an island in Fujian Province. Read Simon Elegant’s post here, which declares it a victory of people power in China. On December 19, People’s Daily issued a prominent, lengthy report on the public forum over the project’s future, and favorably mentioned that 80% of participants supported moving the project to another location. Immediately, several Chinese newspapers, including Southern Metropolis Daily and Southern Weekend published commentaries supporting this move, while not yet saying the decision is final. ESWN also translates an article in Southern Weekend in which Xiamen deputy secretary-general Zhu Zilu explains why officials there opted for a public forum to discuss the project. [Image: The public forum in Xiamen to discuss the PX proect, via Xinhua] ...
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