Recent News about Chinese Students Ⅱ: Graduates

Chinese who graduate always face challenges to find jobs due to the fast increasing number of , majors, market changes and the gap between what is taught and the practical requirements of a career. Below are two related news by Shanghai Daily:

More graduates are finding work:
Shanghai Daily said that 138,000 local students who graduated from college and university last year had found jobs by the end of December, putting the city’s college graduates’ employment rate at 97.25 percent for 2007. [Full Text]

Jobs hard to find as market changes:
Students of “hot majors” such as economics, finance and accounting can find jobs easier than others. But some other “hot courses,” including law, journalism and computer science, had failed students due to the supply saturation of . [Full Text]

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January 11, 2008 9:13 AM
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