China Appoints Xi Vice President, Heir Apparent to Hu

Bloomberg reports the new appointment of Chinese top leaders: Xi Jinping, the son of an army veteran, was appointed today as China’s vice president, the next step in an orchestrated plan for him to succeed Hu Jintao as the country’s head of state in 2013. Hu, 65, was named today by China’s legislature to his second and final five-year term as president and head of China’s military commission, controller of the 2 million-strong People’s Liberation Army. Xi was chosen in October to the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, the Communist Party’s most powerful decision- making body, displacing the last ally of former President Jiang Zemin. That gave Hu full control over the highest ranks of government and Communist Party. Today’s promotion puts Hu’s hand- picked successor in place. See also AP’s story: Hu Jintao Re-Elected As China President ...
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