Tibet: Her Pain, My Shame

Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿,(born in 1965 ) is a poet and documentary filmmaker from Chengdu, Sichuan. She has made several documentaries in and about Tibet since the 1990s. She wrote the following essay this week and published it on her own blog (hosted outside of China), partially translated by CDT: … For more than a decade, I have frequently entered Tibet and often stayed there for a long time, traveling or working. I have met all kinds of Tibetans, from youngsters on the streets, folk artists, herders on the grasslands, mystic doctors in mountain villages, to ordinary cadres in state agencies, street vendors in Lhasa, monks and cleaners in monasteries, artists and writers…Among those Tibetans I have met, some frankly told me that Tibet was a small country several decades ago, with its own government, religious leader, currency and military; some stay silent, with a sense of helplessness, and avoid talking with me, a Han Chinese, afraid this is an awkward subject. Some think that no matter what happened, it is an historical fact that Chinese and Tibetans had a long history of exchanges with each other, and the relationship must be carefully maintained by both sides. Some were angered by the railway project, and by those roads named “Beijing Road,” “Jiangsu Road,” “Sichuan-Tibet road,” but others accept them happily. Some say that you (Han Chinese) invest millions in Tibet but you also got what you wanted and even more; some say you invest in the development but you also destroy, and what you destroy is exactly what we treasure….. What I want to say here is that no matter how different these people are, they have one thing in common: They have their own view of history, and a profound religious belief. For anyone who has been to Tibet, he/she ...
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  1. […] Tibet: Her Pain, My Shame by Tang Danhong Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿, is a poet and filmmaker living in Chengdu. She has made documentaries in Tibet since the 1990s. She wrote the following essay and published it in several Chinese online forums, partially translated by CDT. (tags: tibet china karma) Possibly related posts (automatically generated): […]

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  3. Tsering says:

    As a Tibetan growing up in exile, I thank you for expressing your true feelings and the reality that surrounds Tibet. I have often encountered Chinese students who believe in the PRC’s handling of the Tiannamen massacre, which leads to my withdrawal from building a further relationship.

    Keep up your free spirit and I hope we’ll all get to go to Tibet some day soon.

  4. pema lhatso says:


  5. emilio67 says:

    Thank you Tang for your beautiful words
    I’m very interested about your work.
    Your comment is very precious
    First because comes from a woman in a sexist society ruled by the CCP
    Second because you look at the world with the eyes of a world citizen .
    I’m a traveller also and dream of a world with no borders, no flags, only human beings.
    I was in India in 1986 in Badrinath (30 km from Tibet) and in Nepal also from the Lubini border.
    I learned to appreciate the wonderful smile and peace of mind of this people
    that i met on the train, the buses…the road in the Buddha places.
    I can’t blame them for doing what they do now.
    Tibetan movement comes from years of repression robbed of their language, their philosophy, rape, brain washing of the red guard of Mao.
    The famous “Cultural Revolution” that burned the old books in the square and put sons against fathers, the culture of hate.
    I was crying watching the small student in front of the tanks in Tian An Men
    and now everything seems forgotten…all the student arrested, murdered…
    Your words gives to all of us a light of hope and think that things may change

    Thank you


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  7. Tselha says:

    Dear Tang,
    Firstly let me salute you for the courage you had in writting such an article about the truth in Tibet. You moistened my eyes and I couldn’t beleive that a Chinese sees the reality about Tibet. How i wish that there were more Chinese who would feel that way.
    Born in Exile till today i habe never seen my motherland. But last few days i have a strong feeling that time is not far when we Tibetans will March back to our Homeland.
    My Budhha bless you always
    Free Tibet

  8. pasang says:

    I really appritiate the guts of Mrs Tang! She has the potential to see the issue through a third party eye. I being a Tibetan born in India always tried to see the facts from the point of a view of ethnic chinese so that i can find a reality. Many times i also had debates with my fellow tibetan favoring the chinese concepts, so that i can really understand the whole point from a han chinese point of view.
    I belive that the main problem lies in the many big fat heads who are ruling the nation, who are being so sturbone and dont want anything else than a vicotory in any sort of issue, wheather it is Tiannamen square, felong gong or tibet.
    major part of over one billion population must of kind and sincer heart, but many lacks the skill of understanding the feeling of other’s. Not only china but many other pople of world cant really put them self in the shoes of other to understand the reality, which TANG seems to have mastered in the case of Tibetan people. I really adore and appriciate you. May you properous and live a meaningful life….

  9. Jany says:

    Perhaps some good messages, but my friend WRONG attitude at the WRONG time.

    You can’t deny that the majority of the nation is PISSED off at this point.

    Let the rage boil over, let everyone have a good Olympics, see lots of gold medals and get happy. Let all nations see a bigger trade deficit to China in the next few months. Once the people are NOT pissed off anymore, then we can talk about it.

    Right now things like this will only get more anger and more willingness to “conquer by killing”.

    And I want you to know that it takes a lot fo effort to me to respond so civilly right now to your rants. Because, god, am I PISSED off or what. Even at you.

  10. Alan Fisher says:

    this is such a well and beautifully written essay; it presents both sides and – although I have always supported Tibet firmly – it has opened my eyes!! I am glad to see Han Chinese who believe as I do, but with the added factor of having been there and giving real perspective.

    I would love to see the religious oppression, begun before my current lifetime, ended during it! I do not know how such peaceful and harmonious people can be so persecuted, it is a spiritual crime to harm those who harm no-one!

    I pledge my support to all Tibetans, those still in Tibet and those in Exile, who continue to walk the harmonious path…may peace not be long in finding you

  11. […] raise his concerns about the unrest and to urge him to ease access for journalists and diplomats. Tibet: Her Pain, My Shame Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿,(born in 1965 ) is a poet and documentary filmmaker from Chengdu, Sichuan. […]

  12. Phil says:

    Poor Jany who responded on March 27, 2008 @1:31. Even after reading such a level headed article full of reason, and (I believe) man ytruths, the Han is still “pissed off.” Perhaps there is no reasoning with people like this that are so fuill of themselves, their rising nation and their nationalism that they are blind to any other poi nt of view. The brainwashing education of the CCP works wel lwhe nyou can start educating children while they are still in the cradle. God Bless you Tang Danhong 唐丹鸿, you are brave, smart AND FULL OF COMPASSION. THANK YOU.

  13. tsering says:

    Thank you so much for this essay. It heals my wound. Keep writing and never stop.

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  15. Tang says:

    Tang might be poetic and sentimental, but not really practical. Ideally, the world is supposed to be a beautiful one without killing and conquering, but look at how the Europeans got the land called Americas and many more independence struggles are tainted with blood. Tibetans can’t just expect Chinese to give the land back to them. For the Chinese government, they have done a lot against Chinese people’s will to please the Tibetans, including investing heavily in Tibet’s infrastructure. Many Chinese complain about the special treatment the government gives to the Tibetans. It’s a reverse discrimination in many minority dominated areas. Historically, Tibet got entangled with the Chinese authority for their own interest to protect them from the other invading nations. Tibet comes to today’s situation not by accident or Chinese aggression. Peoples got entangled with each other because they share some common interests. Tang Danhong didn’t trace the historical reason behind Tibet’s relationship with China; she only goes on the surface of things. I am not convinced and the majority of Chinese are not convinced. Many of you, who blame so-called brainwash of Chinese government should think differently. Any government will do the same, some will do much worse than the Chinese government.

  16. Tang says:

    Some excerpts from the Internet about the violent side of Tibetans:

    Most people think of Tibetans as kind and peaceful. While that is true for many regions of Tibet, it isn’t necessarily true of the Tibetans from Kham. Kham Tibetans have long been known as a violent group of bandits terrorizing the Tibetan Plateau on horseback. In his book “Seven Years in Tibet” Heinrich Harrer described Kham Tibetans as forcing their way into nomad tents stealing anything of value. He also reported that they would sometimes kill pilgrims, monks and nuns. Even today, it is rare to find a Kham man without a large knife (more like a sword) on his side. It was these same people that gave the communist government of China the most resistance. Long after the Tibetans of Lhasa gave up, the Tibetans of Kham continued to fight. The Chinese who live in the Kham region are often fearful of Kham Tibetans.

  17. tenzin gyaltsen says:

    As a Tibetan, it is refreshing and hopeful to realize there are Chinese people inside Tibet who realize the fundamental issue: that Tibetans do not consider themselves Chinese and therefore, will never let China legitimize its rule over our nation, Tibet. I would like to thank the author for her courage in expressing a view that is undeniably very controversial in China.

  18. Jack says:

    I don’t think Chinese have ever hoped that Tibetans will consider themselves Chinese. It doesn’t how Tibetans think who they are. Actually, Han Chinese don’t regard Tibetan people highly. I remembered all kind of stories telling that how dirty Tibetans are, things like taking bath only once a year and also how stupid they are. Sorry, that’s what I heard from Han people who came back from Tibet. Those stories are not government brainwash. I am sorry to tell you what I heard.

    But I do think there are Tibetans who want to live a better life, bath more frequently and such. Also in any ethnic group, there are people who are ruling and there are under-privileged people such as slaves, those people definitely don’t want to be slaved if they know that there are people in the world who can enjoy a free life without being slaved.

    So why Chinese occupies Tibet? From pre 1949 to the Communist government, the major concern is security. China will not let its heart-land exposed to possible hostile neighbors.

    Under those circumstances, Tibetans really can’t gain their independence without a strong military. China government has done a lot to win Tibetan people’s heart and mind. But unfortunately, their efforts are not so successful.

    Han people have also been conquered by none-Han people like Manchu, but in the end Manchu people become Chinese.
    That’s the greatness of Chinese culture. Can Tibetans make Chinese become Tibetans? Probably that’s the only hope for Tibetan people.

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  20. makwabid says:

    Ms. Tang Danhong’s essay was well put and well-voiced, however, she probabbly chose the wrong time to publish it. Her views evidently have made her appear as a traitor in the eyes of Han everywhere. ‘May you live in interesting times’ is a proverb that I have heard ascribed to Han sages. Rhere is no easy answer to the ‘Tibet Question’. In the eyes of Han people, judging from the backlash towards western media, Tibet is viewed as being an inseparable part of China, non-negotiable. In the eyes of Bhoe (Tibetan) people in exile, China’s claim to Tibet is bogus, used to perpetuate cultural and actual genocide of their relations in TAR and other provinces. Who is right? The ones with the might. As Mao Zedong is quoted, “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”.

  21. Tang has written down her heartfelt words and courage on standing for the motion that tibet was free and shall be free from the reign of the red stars… i personally, appreciate her courage to stand with our cause…
    thank you from my heart.
    truly,..Tennam Pekong

  22. lion liu says:

    Most of chinese knews that something was happen in tibet during the past few years.
    We must to say that those tibetan were unluckly.
    Also, the chinese people was killed during 14th March 2008 were unluckly.
    Or, the tibetan was killed by their leader in 60 years ago were unluckly.
    What’s different?
    I heard that the Buddhism is talking about friendliness. Just I would like to ask the somebody told to me:
    Is there anything presented in friendliness during 14th March from Tibetan’?
    Is the killing people are the way of Buddhist to pain? or only for Tibetan pain to the HAN chinese and the another tibetan who working with Han chinese?
    Oh, No. Of course not. The killer were absolutely not Tibetan, because they are friendliness and only killed by the han chinese.
    But, who are the killers? I suppose that the only possibility is The HAN People themselves because they are thieves,banditti,the wolf wear sheepskin… They killed a lot of Tibetan during the past. It’s what I got from writer.
    So, let’s say: some The HAN People were shamed by their activites, so they weared the tibetan cloth and killed themselves on the streets of Tibet during 14th March, in order to support the words they written in english for westen people.
    That’s great. I love it but believe that the writer were not one of them.

  23. gmygmy says:

    She is a great liar and she will sell more of her books and films.

  24. gmygmy says:

    Tibetan, Han and 54 other ethnic groups are all under the same rule of the government.

    Tibetan couple has no limit of how many children they can have
    while the Chinese couple is allowed only one.
    Tibetan peasants and farmers do not pay any tax the Chinese
    peasants and farmers do.

    The Tibetan population under his Holiness’s rule was merely 1.2
    million in the 50s.
    According to census, the population of Tibetans in 2000 was 2.62
    Has China done what as wrongfully accused?
    The number speaks the truth.
    The infant mortality rate under His holiness’s rule was 430
    per thousand.
    Today the infant mortality rate in Tibet is below 35 per thousand
    thankful to the so called genocide of China.

  25. don says:


    personally i love China as a nation and Chinese as friend and as a neighbour i never ever even think of hating them i really love the people over their the true and very respectful people.
    i dont know why human being cross all their limits of greediness i know its not all people view to conquer and rule it all from some nasty people with really corrupted minds.
    please stop that and please dont do this world and humanity deserve more than this we need to fight with the pollutions global warming and even if we can we will fight with the aliens and UFOs but why we are fight among each other we dont need land we dont need anything just we need is peace and harmony and brotherhood in our and yours community
    people can make the difference only thing is they need to understand what they are fighting for
    if all my brothers and sister who is fighting the tibet and thinking tibet is a piece of land then i think we should think more because someday we will be the history in the world and we need to make it worth while so that our coming generations will be proud of what we are in true and why we fought,
    you told us something even i dont know even being a true tibetan
    but i must say out of billion Chinese
    may be hundred are bad and but rest of all still want peace so
    the best thing i can do is pray for you all and hope that someday in the near future will be seeing one another from our neighborhood
    i will say thank you thank you so much for showing us the truth.
    i will thank you your parents your family and your teachers to whom you got so much of honesty and you let us know
    and still i will say i love Chinese and china and i will always support them until i can support my country tibet

    thank you
    god bless china and tibet
    god bless humanity
    god bless peace
    god bless you and all
    god bless everyone


  26. john says:

    Ms. Tang, you’re mistaken..Autonomy for Tibet is one thing.. But “independence” is completely a different matter altogether. I also don’t believe with your accusations about gov’t mal-treatment/un-equal policies towards Tibetans . the gov’t pretty much left them to their own devices ie: superstition in the guise of traditions and customs. educated Tibetans can read and write Chinese and Tibetan as well. They find work in Han/Hui businesss enterprises,which were encouraged by gov’t investment programme. So, my parting shot to you is, you never left ‘HER’, because Tibet is part of your homeland, that is China.

  27. tdhonyoe says:

    Superstition in the guise of tradition and cutoms? you arrogant fuck! which is more superstitious? To believe in karma, that good things come to if you good things (basic) or that if you kill millions including your parents, then it takes you closer to a mythical communist paradise?

    What government relentless “patriotic -reeducation campaign” (read pyschological torture and brainwashing) carried out in Tibetan monasteries?
    What about communist forcing monks to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a demon. Its like forcing christians to denounce the Pope! Its striking at the heart of tibetan religious sentiments. thats not “leaving them at their own devise”. I see you saying that but the Dalai Lama is also a political figure.
    Then what about communist interfering in the buddhist tradition in general, like the now the age-old tradition of selecting reincarnate lamas cannot be done without the approval and blessings of an anti-religious government, the CCP?
    These are not case of leaving them at their own devise.
    Either you are extremely ingorant with respect to tibet, of you just wanted to bark ugly nationalistic rhetorics!




  28. well says:

    Tibetan do have their own history which proves about its independence.

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  30. Truly Asia says:

    She may be one of those dissidents, that is why she has had to move to Israel. Majority of Chinese worldwide cannot have wished more that the Chinese govt get on with the job to assimulate these monkey Tibetans, dismantle their pathetically superstitious/medieval culture & completely wipe out their identity similar to what the Caucasions did to their native Indians in North Americas & Australia.

  31. tenzin says:

    The problem is that what was accepted by the world 200 years ago, is no longer accepted by the world community.

    Especially after World War II, there have been strong development such as human rights, self-determination, de-colonialization…have you heard about this?

  32. Tenzin says:

    To Truely Asia,
    You are true hero of China. Maybe you will be awarded some medal for demeaning Tibetan race. No wonder Chinese demonstrators carry signs that read “We love Tibet” and not Tibetans. Your racist comments on Tibetan culture truely shows the kind of person you are. You want to keep Tibet but not its people and culture. I am confused here. I really hope majority of the Chinese are not like you. I am a Tibetan living in Toronto and know many recent immigrant Chinese who I interact with and discuss China, Tibet issue without hating each other.

  33. Bgee says:

    what would you say about this information below?

    Not only freedom: the dark ethnic side of the Tibetan Buddhist revolt
    April 28, 2008 by marranci


  34. Truly Asia says:

    To all the poor Tibetans & their fellow Western sympathisers:

    You call shout the hell out whole days & nights but nothing is really gonna change a single bit~as long as Chinese/Chinese cetral govt are strong & united, Tibet will remain Chinese no matter how much your Western friends would like to sing & cry against it. May be you can wait a million years for things to change, just like we would like to kick out the Caucasions from Australia & New Zealand (Asian soils)when white power diminishes no matter how long it takes! Do you possess the cultural/ethnic will to outlast your adversary?

  35. Carry Anne says:

    Chinese blind nationalists, This is not an article about Tibetan independence. Do you think having sympathy for the great people of your motherland will lead to them breaking off? Do you think denouncing them and calling them liars and a threatening them endlessly is the way to unite? If you were Tibetan (not as materialistic as Han) how would you want to be treated? Would you want to have your dignity? Or would you want to be sucked in by people who shout for the blood of your respected Lama, and repress you? Why can’t there be a middle way? Why can’t the Chinese nationalist show a little kindness and understanding? “Power comes through the barrel of a gun” The CCP has taught you people to be irrational and cruel.

    On a different note, I am really glad about this article, I knew the Chinese culture/race was intelligent and wise, it’s just that the wisdom is forbidden and hated during this current communist dynasty. Who is the traitor to China? People like this writer? Or people who are full of lies and hate? China is about benevolence and wisdom, so whoever spits on those principles is a traitor to China.

    If this writer was the ruler of China, would there be a problem with Tibet, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan etc etc etc etc etc? I don’t think so.

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  37. Tang says:

    To Carry Anne:
    Not as materialistic as Han? For what reason? Han people during 1963 to 1976 were not as materialistic as they are now. Is that a good thing? Very few people can be less materialistic if they are in middle of aboundance of materials. I am really tired of people idolizing a backward culture and custom and singing songs about it as if that’s what those people really wanted if they knew there are better things outside their domain. We truely admire Warren Buffet’s son’s less materialistic view of the world by working on the farm because he has a choice. What those Tibetans have? Are there Tibetans out there like Tang Danhong to introspect Tibet’s own culture and customs and find what are good and what are bad? Traditions and customs are not necessarily good. Destroying those backward traditions and customs are not necessarliy bad. Anyone with a little knowledge about history will know. For example, Tibetan women endure the hardship of marrying many brothers of a family if she is married to a family that has many sons? Has anybody jumped out to denounce such a custom?
    Enough is enough! You people stop doing things that only harm Tibetans and rob them of what a modern world can offer in the name of preserving their culture. If you love that lifestyle, you need to start practicing prostrating to the image of Dalai Lama or trying to find a family with many sons to marry to. 🙂

  38. jigten says:

    on human level, we are all same and equal. Chinese and Tibetans could live in a family happily but only after China behave better in Tibet.

    I met one chinese student and we talked about Nangpala shootings on the border by Chinese border guards on innocent Tibetans. She cried profusely and I had to stop and we hold each other, I wiped out her tears and told her, every drop of tears of understanding, love and friendship is worth between Chinese and Tibetans.

    I couldn’t tell her other more horrifying stories of the Chinese atrocities in Tibet. She has such a good heart and felt disgusted about the way Chinese govt and people could behave in such pathetic ways in Tibet.


  39. BoYan says:

    This website is banned in China!

    When will China give freedom to its own people?

    When will they have the love and compassion like the Tibetan people?

  40. Zhao De says:

    Chinese people love to be imprisoned by CCP!

  41. Ziyi says:

    It’s not the Chinese people. Chinese people are great. It’s just those CCP [email protected] that make us be hated by the rest of the world.

  42. Titus says:

    By far and away the freshest thing I’ve read from a Han point of view. (Except, of course, for the emails I get from my pal Leah who forwarded this link to me!) Original, thoughtful, insightful, and honest. Here’s hoping for more writing from Ms. Tang. I hope her message stimulates more real dialog and provides an antidote to all of the shouting, name-calling, and hysterics surrounding this issue. And if she doesn’t have MySpace or Facebook pages, I hope she gets them; I would enjoy reading her writing on an ongoing basis.

  43. Titus says:

    One other quick comment: since Ms. Tang is from Chengdu, perhaps she might have thoughts to share about the recent earthquake in Sichuan and its aftermath. My heartfelt best wishes go out to people there. Such a terrifically sad situation.

  44. jh says:

    Apart from Tang Danhong’s amazingly down-to-earth and sensible article also the comments are a worthwhile read.
    Thanks CDT for providing a forum for Han Chinese and Tibetans (as well as people from all over the world) to exchange experiences and ideas about current China and its future.
    It is also heartening that most of the responses are positive.
    On the other hand, it is also interesting to note that even a Chinese Confucian-cum-Communist education can create fascists like Truly Asia. That reminds me of formerly Communist East Germany that paradoxically nowadays has many more Neo-Nazis than Western Germany.
    The damage done by decades of one-sided propaganda can be long lasting. The CCP should be wary of what it is breeding…

  45. tenzin rabga says:

    Tang Danhong la,

    It felt good, when i read your post in China Digital Times. I don’t know, it gave me some kind of hope…….in our dire political situation. Anyway, it is all human problem. And we have to play our part no matter who is right or wrong? Because i don’t want to say who is write or wrong. My only hope is Dalai Lama. If we tibetan and chinese are lucky enough to have peacefull future, then definetly something good will happen. if we are destined to suffer in the coming future. Then I am being Tibetan ready to suffer and will let suffer our chinese friend till my last breath. I am really sorry to say this. But this is what i have planned for my long future. I can’t go aganist His.Holiness in his lifetime. Most probably Chinese govt is also having a policy of wait and watch. But from the depth of my heart, I pray for peace to everyone. At the same time, I m just a human being like anyother,who is an inflicted with all kinds of emotion.

    lastly i completely respect your very humane emotions, which doesn’t discriminate either tibetan or chinese.
    Your kind of person is needed from the chinese side. Your being is really rare to find amongs chinese………

    Which is the sad thing to know……..

  46. K. Sonam Nyima says:

    Om Mani Padme Hum- Kwan Yin Pu Sa

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  49. Racheal says:

    B-R-A-V-O for speaking up something that you truly believe in 🙂

    Best Wishes,

  50. nepacific says:

    Even though I think China has been excessively criticized over Tibet, I much appreciated Ms. Tang’s heartfelt article. And the vicious responses of some Chinese posters are shameful.

    But I believe that the post-war move toward decolonization into ethnic nation-states has in general been a disaster, leading to untold violence, hatred, and suffering.

    I agree with the Dalai Lama’s general policy of increased autonomy for Tibet, to protect its culture. But independence is a non-starter. A billion and half Chinese are not going to give up a huge chunk of their territory to a few million Tibetans. China needs Tibet as a buffer against its largest future rival, India.

    And I believe that agitation toward Tibetan independence is in part fomented by US intelligence agencies, since it weakens a potential enemy of the US. Splitting up the Soviet Union worked, so they want to split up China, too.

    Tibet, in my opinion, has been part of China for centuries, perhaps even since the time that Tibetans helped the Mongols rule China. That Tibetan culture and Chinese culture are different doesn’t affect this — unless you think that every cultural group should have its own nation, and are willing to accept the violence and hatred this will lead to.

    If Tibet were independent, it would become a political football competed over by China, India, Russia, the US, and any other powers that arise. That unstable situation would not be good for anyone, Tibetans included.

  51. Racheal says:


    Just out of curiosity, you mentioned that Tibet has been part of China for centuries. I am just wondering based on what documents or any materials you are making such assumption. I am not arguing or anything because you do have the right to express your opinion regarding such sensitive topic, but it would be much better for all of us if you can justify such opinion

    I just want to share my opinion on the complex history. Before I attended college, I always thought that Tibet was always part of China. However, it was still vague. I started reading books and documents from both Tibetan and Chinese side on this topic. After carefully reading those materials, it is very much hard to come to certain conclusion because both sides have their own version of history. Both seem pretty convincing, but essentially, it seems that Tibetan side of the history contain much more ample evidence than the Chinese side of the history. I, even had conversations with historians from both sides when I was in Beijing [July 2006] and in Dharamsala, India [Aug 2007]. Obviosly, the task was much difficult in Beijing because I understand it is a very sensitive topic to touch upon, especially for someone who does not look anywhere close to Asian. But I manage to do so in both countries and I pretty much cleared some of those vagueness in my mind by doing those multiple task to justify the opinion.

    Best Wishes,

  52. jh says:

    “China needs Tibet as a buffer against its largest future rival, India.”
    This is a strange assumption. I wonder what it is based on.
    India has never been an “empire” like China. To the contrary, it has been invaded by Persians, Greeks, Moghuls and others. Only independence from British rule created a nation state that is nowadays called India.
    India through the millenia has exported its culture to Asia (like Hinduism all the way to Bali, or Buddhism to China, Tibet and the rest of Asia) but never any hegemonical power (unlike China).
    Borders between India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan used to be open with free flow of goods, people and ideas…
    I can’t see any justification for your claim.
    Rather the opposite is true: Tibet for centuries has been a buffer between Indian and Chinese civilization. By sinicizing Tibet the Chinese have actually destroyed the buffer and are now threatening India with territorial claims. If India is going nuclear, it is because it is threatened by China!

  53. Racheal says:


    I recommend a book by Claude Arpi, a well-known historian called “Tibet: The Lost Frontier. This book would be helpful for you to learn about the history of the Roof of the World and her political contacts with two giant neighbors, India and China.

    Best Wishes,

  54. Liang says:

    This is truly what many of us Chinese need to see and express because if not we will regret as a human being and as a Chinese.
    Tibetans have such beautiful heart that when ever I bring up the topic of Tibet with Chinese who call themselves “Patriots”, it just cuts my heart to hear them speak so demeaning of Tibetans as if they are not human.
    It is shameful and sad state when us Chinese can’t do our own research about Tibet and come up with our own understanding rather than just blindly accepting what ever Chinese Media are saying.

    Freedom to the Tibetan people from Brutal Chinese government and Chinese igorance.

  55. atan liar says:

    How come nobody is calling for a return of the USA to its indigenous population?Or return Alaska which the USA had cheated from the Russian Czar? Or give back the portion of southern USA to the Mexicans? Or return Guandanamo to the Cubans?

  56. flyhigher says:

    Why no one points out that Dalai Lama receives contributions from CIA annually? Why no one points out that the “Shangri-La” of Tibet under Dalai Lama’s rule was basically a slavery society and violence and killing happened so frequently? Why no one points out that USA has always accepted Tibet is part of China before 1949? Shame on all of you!

  57. atan liar says:

    I often wonder why nobody, especially the oversea Tibetans, is making any effort to get the Dalai Lama to complain to the Indian Govt. regarding the theft of a large chunk of Southern Tibet which has now become another province of India. His Holiness seems at peace with the loss of such a big part of Southern Tibet which the Indians renamed Arunachal Pradesh in the Mid-70’s in the last century. Actually, it was the colonial British govt. which unilaterally carved out that huge slice of border territory from the new weak post-Qing Republican Chinese government in the early 1900s. Subsequent Chinese Governments have never recognized the British wicked demarcation of the border known in the West as the McMahon Line. The Chinese people and government have always been very tolerant with India over the current border situation. I have always felt that it is about time India shows some goodwill by sitting down and talking with China to come to a amicable situation

  58. Thinlay says:

    Its really nice hear like these kind of words from u though thr r lot of others like u too. I like ur post not only bcoz Dat I m a Tibetan but being a human being in this world, respecting others interest and revealling the truth and the mistake is important. Thr might b lot of situations same as Tibet and china but the conditions r same. Thank u

  59. Tenzin says:

    Firstly I am so moved by the writers view of Tibet and its people.. More so when she is Han Chinese herself. In my whole life I am finally seeing one Chinese in billion population who has understood Tibet and its people so well. Rest of Chinese even when they are liberal enough, still argues and are confused about Tibet and its right as a sovereign nation mostly because they think Tibet should be colonised because its a good buffer from other countries who might colonise china. Or tibet should be captured because Tibet in past was more theocratic society. Tibet should be captured because they take bath rarely. Tibet should be captured because European colonised America. Tibet should be captured because whites in us have captured red Indian land of us. Tibet should be captured because they have more population than Tibetan. Tibet should be captured because Mongols captured china once upon a time. Tibet should be captured because Dalai Lama is lier. Tibet under Chinese have less infant mortality rate (who knows where they got the stats from.. I guess ccp) and many more such senseless reason..

    Some say We don’t argue about Arunachal Pradesh. We don’t because it was part of Tibet for a very short period of time. They follow Tibetan Buddhism like many other states in India like Sikkim, Gangtok. Ladakh. Darjeeling. Also in Nepal, also Bhutan..
    So we do not and cannot ask for other community.. it is upto the local leader and its people who will voice their concerns if they have..

    What all non sense reason they come up with to justify wrong action taken by their leaders in the past.. Actually many a times when I meet Chinese they don’t even speak about it.. They know that their action was wrong but will not work towards correcting it..
    I guess Confusious has confused them a lot..