Chinese Reject Newest TV Star As Too Pretty for Ugly Role

Tania Branigan reports in The Guardian on the new Chinese version of :

But now “” faces a backlash, with newspapers and internet users complaining that the star of the show is too good-looking for the role.

…(the unnamed star) prepared for the role by putting on 10kg and sunbathing to get a tan. Pale skin is highly prized in China and skin whitening products are a huge industry.

Her efforts did not impress potential viewers. By early afternoon almost 3,300 comments on the show had been posted on the popular Baidu website – many suggesting that the actress was too attractive, and even arguing the programme should be renamed “Pretty Wudi”.

“The actress should be fatter,” said one disgruntled comment.

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September 19, 2008 11:47 AM
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