Dalai Lama Says He Has Given up on China Talks

The Dalai Lama has said that he has lost faith in the negotiations with China over Tibet’s status, and will not participate any further. According to AP, he told a public gathering in Dharamsala: “I have been sincerely pursuing the middle way approach in dealing with China for a long time now but there hasn’t been any positive response from the Chinese side,” he said in Tibetan at a public function Saturday in Dharmsala, the north Indian town that is home to Tibet’s government-in-exile. “As far as I’m concerned I have given up,” he said in an unusually blunt statement. “The issue of Tibet is not the issue of the Dalai Lama alone. It is the issue of 6 million Tibetans. I have asked the Tibetan government-in-exile, as a true democracy in exile, to decide in consultation with the Tibetan people the future course of action,” the Dalai Lama said. ...
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11 Responses to Dalai Lama Says He Has Given up on China Talks

  1. SH says:

    What a joke that man is. He claims to speak for 6 million (!) people, and calls the theocracy pro-feudalism “government” in Dharamsala a “true democracy”.
    Not saying China is showing much good will in this dispute, but the Dalai should probably take a break or something.

  2. jh says:

    He should have never trusted the Communists in the first place. Communism is based on ideology and abuse of power, not on common sense.
    50 years wasted…

  3. jh says:

    What a joke SH is. He claims the Dalai Lama claims to speak for 6 million (!) people… Maybe it is his lack of semantical comprehension… Maybe he should take a break and attend some semantics class or something.

  4. tundrup says:

    30 years of “dialogue” failed policy from Dalai Lama.

    Now, Tibetans must fully continue the democratization process, get a new more effective Tibetan prime minister (not another monk), who is not afraid of working as a true politician!

  5. Eddy says:

    So many Chinese seem to believe that it’s okay to invade and occupy another country, change street names and bulldoze another’s culture, all because they live and govern differently. It that were the case and if that were legitimate then China should be invaded on a weekly basis. China is in Tibet for the resources, i.e. land, space, minerals, etc, and strategic military location. The sooner this admission can be made the sooner everyone can come to terms with how to handle it. Pointing to the old system and trying to demonize a 73 year old man is a basic attempt to rationalize and justify the invasion, occupation and colonization of Tibet by China. Anyone ever ask themselves why Tibet is not protected by the Great Wall? Anyone ever ask themselves why one of the literal translations for the word “Bhutan” actually means “end of Tibet” or “south of Tibet”, that’s right, Tibet, not south of China. It’s really scary how the Chinese government has managed to sway it’s populace. Tibetans are not Chinese and we never will be. You can change the names of our streets, bulldoze our culture, destroy our monasteries, kill our wildlife, relocate our nomads, bring your brothels and tacky shops into our holy city of Lhasa but none of this will make us Chinese, none of this will make you right in what you’ve done and in what you’re doing to Tibet and Tibetan people.

  6. Matthew says:

    Dalai Lama has the choice of building his Tibetan nation, independent or autonomous, on Indian soil, and stop bothering the Chinese people. Otherwise, just kowtow to Beijing and return to Lhasa with humility, and promise not to create more trouble for Beijing and for Tibet. Things are so simple.

  7. If some thugs come to your house, puts their guns on the head of each of your family members and demand that you give them your house. Wouldn’t you?

    Now if you for 50 years ask those thugs to give you your house back in a non-violent way, wouldn’t you too get tired if those thugs didn’t even care at all?

    “There have been tryants and murderers, and for the time they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. They ways of love and truth has always won.” Mohandas Karamchan Gandhi

  8. ten chen says:

    Now the Tibetan have more to say in their fight for freedom. no matter what ever course we may take, it will be same fate for us. Tibetan will be suffer in or out. But we have more than 5.5 millions inside tibet and they will rise from that ashes of the persecution and fight for an inch of our fatherland. we have given so much consession in dealing with chinese communist oficial where we belived it would be a win win solution for both tibetan and chinese. we are very anxiously waiting to see the out come of the 8th round of the talk which will happen at the end of this month. belief me we are not afraid of sacrificing our lives for the sake of our fundamental right and religious freedom now that seems to be coming to reality as the Dalai lama is giving up his authority. I am just human and i have been patient for so long time and its growing out of control. remember the purpose of the great wall of china…not just for a mongols..

  9. HongKong says:

    May Buddha Dharma spread to the hearts and minds of every CCP member so that they too can see it from the view of a Tibetan person that it is absolutely necesarry to give one their right and freedom to determine their own future. A Tibetan can’t be forced to become a Chinese because there is absolutely no substitute for the self no matter how able the other may be.

  10. Gentle says:

    True words spoken here, tibetans will never become Chinese, our tibetan civilization enriched by buddhism and the himalaya plateau is thousands of years old, you can put us in prison, force our children to learn chinese from young age, but you can never break our tibetan soul!

    If more sacrifice is needed to protect our land, our tibetan culture, religion and our basic rights, tibetans are ready..

  11. featherpeak says:

    Kudos to the Dalai Lama for calling a spade a spade. Why waste one’s energy is a game that won’t change until China is brought to it’s knees along with the rest of the ‘developed’ world. Global warming keeps getting worse and worse but it doesn’t seems to take many of the headlines these days… The earth is dying and she’ll have her way with these idiot games that we humans play… “The Earth Does Not Belong to Us, We Belong to the Earth “