Shanghai Radio Station Criticizes Shanghainese People

From chinaSMACK,

Two days ago, a station, AM990, broadcast a program where the host said that Shanghai people speaking the Shanghai dialect (Shanghainese) in public was a bad habit and that Shanghai people use speaking Shanghainese to show that they are superior to other Chinese/people.

This angered a lot of Shanghainese people.

Maybe Shanghainese have already gotten used to various offences by people from the rest of China. However, this time, it came from one of their very own radio stations. See how some Shanghainese handled it:

From KDS, “Radio AM990 openly anti-Shanghai, everyone sign this boycott of the station!!!“:

For a full translation of the discussion, visit the blog.

October 1, 2008, 11:34 PM
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