Chinese Students Inform On Professor (Updated)

Update: The following excerpt is from (Updated on PST 9:30 am December 1, 2008 : the post is already being deleted from the netease portal, however, many more Chinese blog posts on this topic can be found here and here,) translated by CDT’s Linjun Fan: A blog article titled “My Student Reported Me as a Counterrevolutionary” appeared on various online forums and roused great controversy recently. The article was written by Yang Shiqun (杨师群), a college teacher in Huadong University of Politics and Law in Shanghai. Yang revealed through the article on his blog that he was being investigated by the police after two students reported to the authorities that he had criticized the government in class. The original article has been deleted from Yang’s blog. However, lots of people have posted comments on the incident and supported Yang’s right to freedom of speech. A similar incident happened in 2005. Lu Xuesong, a young teacher at Jilin Art College was dismissed from her teaching position after she discussed a politically-sensitive documentary film with her students. After she showed the banned film, In Search of the Spirit of Lin Zhao, some students reported it to the authorities, which resulted in Lu’s dismissal. Some people commented that such an incident took place only in small cities where people are less open-minded, and optimistically claimed that the outcome would have been different if it took place in a major university at a big city. However, a similar incident happened again, and this time, in the large metropolis of Shanghai. Professor Yang Shiqun posted the above-mentioned blog article on Nov. 21, in which he wrote: “My boss had a talk with me today. He said that I had been put on the record and investigated by the police, because two students of mine ...
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2 Responses to Chinese Students Inform On Professor (Updated)

  1. Realist says:

    The Red Guards have returned.

    “Those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  2. sr says:

    Truly a throwback to the Chinese revolution. All they need to do is take him out to the courtyard and publicly denounce him and then flog him.
    I am surprised to learn that “freedom of speech is a civil right protected by the Constitution of People’s Republic of China”. The hypocrisy just keeps on mounting…