Obama’s Race, Youth Welcomed in Worried China (Updated)

From Reuters: China welcomed Barack Obama as a youthful president-elect with the energy to tackle the financial crisis now threatening its economy and an ethnic heritage that could help America reach out to the rest of the world. Excitement about the billion dollar race filtered down to the streets of Beijing on Wednesday, where ordinary Chinese citizens who have never voted themselves and some who could not even name the candidates embraced Obama’s message of change. “The black guy is a good choice, he has so much more energy than the other one, who was far too old,” said Han Xue, a new father who runs a small cigarette and alcohol store and followed the results on a television behind the counter. Read also President Hu congratulates Obama and Commentary: We wish US president-elect Obama well from China Daily. Update: The Wall Street Journal blog reports on the Chinese government reaction to Obama’s election: “The Chinese government and I myself have always attached great importance to China-U.S. relations,” President Hu Jintao wrote in his message to the U.S. president elect. “In the new historic era, I look forward to working together with you to continuously strengthen dialogue and exchanges between our two countries and enhance our mutual trust and cooperation…” Chinese officials have voiced no preference on the outcome, but Mr. Obama seems to have won greater popularity than his rival among those average Chinese who have paid attention to the election — even though his stance on trade issues has been tougher toward Beijing. While the Hindu writes about the enthusiasm of Chinese youth, and especially netizens, for Obama: But nowhere has the craze for Mr. Obama been more evident than on the Internet. On China’s hugely popular online Bulletin Board System or BBS discussion forums — 60 per ...
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12 Responses to Obama’s Race, Youth Welcomed in Worried China (Updated)

  1. ten chen says:

    i think every citizen in china should rise against the their communist regime and learn from this US election the beauty of the democracy. that’s the fundamental freedom of individual’s who have right to express. citizen’s power is the ultimate power that no one can supress.

  2. George002765 says:

    It take US 200 years after independence and 75 years after civil war to grant voting right to African American and Even more years to allow African American sit in higher echelon of goverment. It just insane to expect China to get democracy just 59 years after Liberation,war,chaos Learn to crawl before you can run

  3. jh says:

    Your argument sounds sort of reasonable, George. On the other hand, we are not talking about Han Chinese electing a Tibetan as their president yet, are we?
    Democracy and human rights would do perfectly well for now.

    We have seen the power of democracy with Obama’s election and it is high time that the gerontocracy in Beijing steps aside to let fresh air in…

  4. jh says:

    It will be interesting to see what Obama’s history means for the Tibetan struggle…

    Here is an excerpt from the Times of India:

    Through the power of his example and his own unshakable spirit, Gandhi inspired a people to resist oppression, sparking a revolution that freed a nation from colonial rule, the Democratic Presidential-elect had said.
    “Gandhi’s significance is universal. Countless people around the world have been touched by his spirit and example. His victory in turn inspired a generation of young Americans to peacefully wipe out a system of overt oppression that had endured for a century.
    “And more recently led to velvet revolutions in Eastern Europe and extinguished apartheid in South Africa,” the 47-year-old
    Senator from Illinois had said in his message on October 2, birth anniversary of Gandhi.
    Obama had said that he always looked to Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration, because he embodies the kind of
    transformational change that can be made when ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things.
    “That is why his portrait hangs in my Senate office; to remind me that real results will not just come from Washington, they will come from the people,” Obama, who won the historic presidential poll, had said.
    He had said that while formulating his strategy to free India from the clutches of the then British rulers, Gandhi had a choice.
    “He (Gandhi) chose courage over fear.” Through the power of his example and his own unshakable spirit, he inspired a
    people to resist oppression, sparking a revolution that freed a nation from colonial rule.

    The current generation of Tibetans in exile (and even in Tibet) which has been inspired by Gandhi’s ideas of non-violence and satyagraha in their struggle for self-determination may at last have found someone “in an influential position” who understands and shares their ideals…

    Bod gyalo!

  5. jh says:

    Sorry for the formatting of my previous comment. Copy and paste didn’t work as expected.
    The excerpt ends before
    “The current generation of Tibetans…”.
    This is my comment again 😉

  6. jh says:

    A side-note with regard to Tibet:

    Yesterday I chanced upon an open history book in the library. It showed the history of the Russian empire.

    One thing struck me:
    Estonia was absorbed into the Russian empire in 1710. It took almost 300 years for the Estonians to establish their nationhood in 1991! But they did.

    Tibet will be free sooner or later – within or without China!

  7. John_01 says:


    Foreign Secretary David Miliband said: “Like every other EU member state, and the United States, we regard Tibet as part of the People’s Republic of China.” Photo: AP
    A historic change of position to recognise Chinese sovereignty was announced in a little-noticed parliamentary statement by the Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

    It will be regarded as a major triumph by Beijing, especially in the wake of worldwide condemnation of its suppression of anti-China protests and violence in Tibet this spring.

  8. Erica says:

    I think the whole world is excited about Obama’s election!

    However, there is still some anxiety about his term as president. I wrote on ResponsibleChina.com today about how China and other Asian nations are wary of Obama’s seemingly protectionist trade policies (and how they could ultimately affect climate change agendas.)

    Mr. Obama definitely has a big agenda ahead, and it will take a lot of support–both domestically and internationally–to accomplish the task.

  9. jh says:


    David Miliband’s full statement continues to say:

    “Our ability to get our points across has sometimes been clouded by the position the UK took at the start of the 20th century on the status of Tibet, a position based on the geo-politics of the time. Our recognition of China’s “special position” in Tibet developed from the outdated concept of suzerainty. Some have used this to cast doubt on the aims we are pursuing and to claim that we are denying Chinese sovereignty over a large part of its own territory. We have made clear to the Chinese Government, and publicly, that we do not support Tibetan independence. Like every other EU member state, and the United States, we regard Tibet as part of the People’s Republic of China. Our interest is in long term stability, which can only be achieved through respect for human rights and greater autonomy for the Tibetans.

    We have noted recent comments by the Dalai Lama regretting the lack of progress in the dialogue so far. We are also aware of indications of growing frustration among some Tibetans about the dialogue process. We consider the position the Dalai Lama has stated publicly, including when he visited Britain this year, that he opposes violence and is seeking meaningful autonomy within the framework of the Chinese constitution, provides a basis for a negotiated settlement. Our strong view is that genuine progress at the next round of talks is essential to promote progress on such a settlement. Participation in these talks carries a weight of responsibility for both parties.”

    Generally, it is also worthwhile to know why people say the things they say.

  10. Zhang Bao Jin says:

    Does the public really knows what the Obama administration relationships will be with China? Being how this wasn’t discussed in the Media.

    If it’s any consultation, has the public forgotten how the KENYAN AMBASSADOR, Peter N.R.O. OGEGO publicly made a statement about how Obama’s remarks were injurious to the people of Kenya?

    Office of Government Spokesperson
    KICC Building, 3rd Floor
    8 Harambee Avenue
    P.O.Box 45617-00100
    Nairobi – Kenya
    Tel: +254-020-2240488
    Fax: +254-020-240600
    Email: [email protected]
    SMS (Celtel/Safaricom): 2888


    Even Dr. Alfred N. Mutua
    GOVERNMENT SPOKESPERSON made a public statement to the effect of Obama’s extremely disturbing statements of which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.

    Just how will the Obama administration engage with China?


  11. George002765 says:


    BEIJING – A SENIOR Chinese official told envoys of the Dalai Lama during talks in Beijing this week that any type of independence for Tibet was not an option, even ‘semi-independence”, state media said on Thursday.
    ‘Regardless of the time or the circumstances… Tibet independence is out of the question,’ said Du Qinglin, a top Communist party official in charge of relations with non-communist groups, the Xinhua news agency reported.

    ‘Semi-independence is out of the question. Independence in disguise is out of the question,’ Mr Du was quoted as telling the envoys ‘recently’.

  12. Tom says:

    Obama is going to make a great president. The United States had to suffer George W. Bush’s mistakes for two terms, while he won by the delegate votes however the majority of people in the united states wanted John Kerry. That being said, now that the United States economy is a complete and utter mess, people are losing jobs, banks are closing its the closest its ever been since the great depression in 1929. Keep in mind this is all under republican rule. not to mention the BILLIONS of dollars the United States is in debt for funding the useless and hopeless war when that money could be going to healthcare, new jobs, or hey, maybe even paying the world bank back of their outrageous debt. All in all, i think everyone needs to give Obama their light of day because its going to be that way for 4 years.