Workers Riot in South China over Job Losses

Laid-off toy factory workers in Guangdong rioted today in another example of rising social unrest as the Chinese economy falters. Once again, news of the protest was first released by the local government, as part of the government’s new media strategy to control the message. From AFP: The riot occurred Tuesday in Guangdong province, southern China’s export heartland where similar protests have flared recently, after about 2,000 workers gathered to demand severance pay, according to the local government. The workers smashed offices at the factory where they used to work and overturned police cars, with the violence leaving six people injured, the government of Zhongtang township where the unrest occurred said in a statement. “(Rioters) smashed one police vehicle and four police patrol cars… fought with security guards… and entered factory offices breaking windows and destroying equipment,” the statement said. Read also about today’s government efforts to jump-start the economy. Please also click here to see photos on the Wall Street Journal. ...
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