Where Are Chinese (And Bangladeshi) Internet Police Being Trained?

Where Are Chinese Internet Police Being Trained? This inetcop.com.cn website has the answer.
The following is from the Xiamen Meiah Pico IT CO., Ltd. website, translated by CDT’s Lucy Lin: On July 30, 2004, the Ministry of Public Security formally passed and authorized the establishment of a “National Internet Police Training Program,” which would rely on the company’s technological skills, educational resources, and experimental environment to provide training and related services in the field of Internet supervision for the Department of Secure Internet Public Information to the Ministry of Public Security. Up to December 2005, the training bases not only completed more than a dozen national skill-based training assignments, they have also set up 70 extra beginning, intermediate, and advanced training classes relating to the monitoring of Internet security and investigation of computers for certification. This has provided skill-based training for the more than 3,000 policemen at the Ministry of Public Security. Furthermore, in November 2005, the Ministry of Public Security for the first time undertook a foreign aid project and effectively completed its assignment to provide training on the investigation of computers for certification to the Bangladesh police. This was its first step in internationalizing these training programs. Contact Phone Number: 0592-3929988
Fax: 0592-2519335
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Xiamen Meiah Pico IT CO., Ltd., Xiamen Software Park Phase II, 12 Guanri Rd. Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China 全国网络警察培训基地 2004年7月30日,公安部正式批文,授权筹建成立“全国网络警察培训基地”,依托公司的技术力量、教学资源和试验环境,为公安机关公共信息网络安全监察部门民警提供网络监察方面的培训和相关服务。
至2005年12月,培训基地不仅完成了十几次的全国性技术培训任务,开办了70余期有关网络安全监控和计算机勘查取证的初、中、高级培训班,为全国3000人次的公安干警提供了相关的技术技能培训。并于2005年11月,首次承办公安部对外援助项目,完满完成为孟加拉警方提供计算机取证培训的任务,迈出了走向国际化的第一步。 联系电话:0592-3929988
传真: 0592-2519335
邮件: [email protected]
地址: 中国福建省厦门市软件园二期观日路12号美亚柏科大厦 ===== Also on the front page of the same website: In November 2008, [the company] once again hosted an international conference of the Ministry of Public Security, and successfully accomplished the large scale training program “China and ASEAN Internet Crimes Investigation Research and Training Class.” It is another solid step towards internationalization of the training base. 2008年11月,再次承办公安部涉外会议,圆满完成了“中国与东盟网络犯罪侦查研修班”的大型培训任务,为培训基地走向国际化不断迈出坚实的步伐。
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