Chinese Ambassador to India Speaks on Terrorism and China-India Economic Cooperation

Zhang Yan, the Chinese ambassador to India, announced that the Chinese government will assist other governments in fighting terrorism.  He also stated that China and India should have larger roles in the upcoming G-2o summit in London:

“Especially in the time of economic and financial crisis, G-20 can do a good job. We are hoping that China and India can co-operate closely in forthcoming summit in London. In fact China-India have already started very good co-operation,” he added.

Pointing at the vast untapped reserves of consumer demand, job creation and infrastructure investment in India, Yan said that many Chinese investors were keen to invest in India.

“Many Chinese companies and businessmen want to come and invest in India. But some concerns and obstacles need to be worked out. Once these issues are solved, we can see more Chinese companies come here and work,” Yan said.

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March 5, 2009 2:31 PM
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