Photos: The Case of the Disappearing Lake

A user posted photos of the gradually diminishing Lake Baiyangdian, the largest lake in Northern China. About thirty years ago, the lake was encircled by reed thickets and was teeming with life. However, after the local government sold parcels of the surrounding land to shops, golf clubs, villa construction organizers, and other business ventures, the lake’s natural beauty and ecology took a steep dive. Photos, with captions translated by CDT:


Top line: Water level before. Bottom line: Where reeds should be.



No more reeds, but lots of houses. Here where the land is exposed is where the water level used to be.


What will be the consequences for a country that cares only for development but not development’s ramifications?


Actually, few people come here.


Strange, why do these development officials hate reeds so much? Grass-mud horse?


Our harmonious society’s unharmonious designs.


It’s been dry since the 80s. High-speed development just won’t allow for a natural .

March 15, 2009 12:07 AM
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