YouTube Blocked in China; Official Says Video Fake (Updated)

On the same day that YouTube has been blocked in China, a Xinhua report claims that a video released last week showing graphic footage reportedly of police in Tibet abusing protesters is fake. From AP: The official Xinhua News Agency, citing an unidentified official with China’s Tibetan regional government, reported Tuesday that the video came from sources tied to the government-in-exile of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, and was pieced together from different places. The Xinhua report said the footage purported to show a person named Tendar being beaten to death by police after a riot in Lhasa, the Tibet region’s capital, on March 14 last year. Xinhua said the person was not in fact Tendar and the wounds shown were fake. “The Dalai Lama group is used to fabricating lies to deceive the international community and the aim of this video is to hide the truth of the March 14th riot,” Xinhua quoted the official as saying. The government did not directly address whether YouTube had been blocked. When asked, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters: “Many people have a false impression that the Chinese government fears the Internet. In fact it is just the opposite.” A brief comment from Xiamen-based Bulloger Lian Yue: I think Mr. Qin Gang told the truth this time. Because it has always been: The Internet fears the Chinese government. 在3月24日的例行记者会上,
第一句就说: 中国政府不害怕互联网 我觉得秦刚先生这次说出了真相,
因为从来都是: 互联网害怕中国政府 Also from the New York Times: YouTube Being Blocked in China, Google Says by Miguel Helet: Even as China steps up its censorship efforts, the country’s Internet participation is booming. Often, critics often find a way to avoid censors and debate controversial topics. Ai Weiwei, a prominent Chinese artist, has been using his blog on to criticize the government’s management of the rescue ...
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10 Responses to YouTube Blocked in China; Official Says Video Fake (Updated)

  1. nomore says:

    Please dont write “Tibetan riots” just like CCTV does, these are “Tibetan protests”

  2. Xiao Qiang says:

    The caption is from the original blog post. But thanks for your comment.

  3. Interesting selection of videos.

    I may consider adding some to my own Youtube channel.

  4. John_01 says:

    Look like this beating is a fake no face is shown, No uniform is shown . They can always get Tibetan fluent in Mandarin to act as the Big bad Police

    China says video footage that purportedly shows Chinese security personnel violently beating Tibetans last year is “a lie”.

    The video apparently shows protesters being beaten with sticks, and kicked and choked by China’s security forces.

    The Tibetan government-in-exile says the footage shows China’s “brutality”.

    But a Chinese government official said many of the images and voices in the video had been pieced together from different sources.

  5. Ah, that clears things up. Haha. John, governments lie.

  6. sr says:

    john- again, I’m not going to waste much time on you, so just don’t be such a tool.

  7. BhoerigPunda says:

    China is the world’s biggest human rights abuser. They don’t allow anyone in Tibet and the STATE OWNED tv and newspaper speaks only on their behalf. The Chinese are miserably brainwashed by the CCP. Read history on Hitler, he showed similar traits to that of China.
    Tibetans deserve the right to their self-determination. China will only be respected in the world if they fulfill the demands of the Dalai Lama.

  8. ten chen says:

    lie after lie. thats how the CCP has survived so far. they can no longer keep Tibetan and chinese citizen in the dark with their lies. what ever the Tibetan in exile shows and does i not true and what they do and does is always right. if so then why are the news media and other foreign tourist were kept out of Tibet?

  9. John_01 says:

    Ah, that clears things up. Haha. John, governments lie.

    Guess who release this video. Yeah reputable and trustworthy source for sure

    The footage was released by the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibet’s government-in-exile, last week, and cannot be independently verified.

    But Tseten Samdup Chhoekyapa, the Dalai Lama’s representative, said the footage showed “police beating protesters”.

  10. John_01 says:

    if so then why are the news media and other foreign tourist were kept out of Tibet?

    Why should they be because even if they were present. They can spin the story they way it will fit their agenda. So why bother?

    You can see a glass half full or half empty depending at your agenda