Cartoon: “Take it Off. Now It’s Your Turn!” (Updated)


The above , from Southern Metropolis News, has become an online phenomenon in China: More than 4560 websites have posted it. On, one of China’s most popular online communities, this cartoon was visited more than 780,000 times in the last nine days and has received over one thousand pages of reader comments.

The related news event took place during the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, when one unnamed representative, a provincial-level official (“The Representative”), answered Caijing Online’s reporter’s question: “How do you see the proposal of publicizing government ’ financial status?” The representative’s answer was, “Why don’t we publicize financial records of ordinary people?”

After publicized this news on March 10, without mentioning the official’s name, started to heatedly “publicize my financial status.” And the above cartoon became extremely popular in this context.

Here is the original dialogue between the Caijing reporter Wang Heyan (王和岩) and the representative translated by :

Reporter: “Chairman So-and-So, How do you see the proposal of publicizing government officials’ financial status?”

The Representative answered with a smile: “I am sorry. I did not look into this question.”

Reporter: “Aletai in Xinjiang, and Cixi in Zhejiang are all experimenting with this… Would your province be willing to experiment as well?”

The Representative: “I don’t know.”

Reporter: “Have representatives discussed this question?”

The Representative, walking while answering: “No. In our Chinese Communist discussion group, no one discussed this.”

Reporter, not wanting to give up: “Would you raise such a proposal or suggestion?”

The Representative turned around and looked at the reporter: “No. If this needs to be publicized, why don’t we publicize financial records of ordinary people? Why are the profits of corporate bosses not publicized to their workers?”

“Why don’t we publicize financial records of ordinary people?” The reporter almost could not believe his own ears and asked immediately, “Corporate bosses? Do you mean managers from state-owned enterprises?”

The Representative answered: “No. I mean bosses of private enterprises.”











Update: The discussion of this cartoon in has been blocked by the forum moderator. However, some netizens have made T-shirts featured with this cartoon and are selling them on, according to this article on the Southern Metropolis News.


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