Muslims Riot In China’s Henan Province

From the South China Morning Post, via the MEMRI blog: Hundreds of ethnic Hui Muslim people in the village of Luohe in China’s Henan province have attacked the government headquarters and paralyzed traffic in a protest against the local authorities, according to a Chinese newspaper. One report said the protests followed the alleged mishandling of an accident in which a Hui villager was injured. Another report noted that the protest erupted after a newspaper report referred to a villager as the “king of pig-raising.” Conflicts involving the Han and minorities, including the Hui, Uygurs and Tibetans, are highly sensitive in China. According to the report, a villager added: “One should bear in mind that we Muslims would never raise pigs.” ...
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One Response to Muslims Riot In China’s Henan Province

  1. ten chen says:

    Problems with minority in China is on the rise. with Tibetans, Uygurs and Hui. The official involved in most of these riots are lower levels of china’s communist regime. if Chiona truely want to see a stable and harmony, they must come to the reality and give a real meaningful rights to these groups other wise the success they build in 30 years or so is doom to fail and the coming collapse of this cruel regime.