Hangzhou’s “Real-name Web Registration System” Is “On the Shelf”

wangluoPlans by the government to become the first city in China to require real-name registration for web users to participate in local chatrooms and forums are being shelved, according to Xinhua as reported by the China Media Project:

We can confirm what Xinhua is reporting — that users can, at present, get into major forums at Hangzhou portals, including Hangzhou Online, without providing any additional information.

After reading a statement in the registration section of Hangzhou Online stating that we would not “use this Website to harm national security, to twist or manufacture facts,” etc., we clicked “Accept” and went directly to the registration form.

Registering was as simple as typing in a username, setting a password and providing an e-mail address. There was no need whatsoever to provide valid proof of identity.

May 21, 2009, 11:22 AM
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