Mexico and China in Swine Flu Row (Updated)

Following the involuntary quarantine of Mexican citizens in China, Mexican government representatives have lodged complaints with Beijing. From BBC: Mexican officials said their citizens were being unfairly confined. The Mexican ambassador was denied access to a group being held at a Beijing hotel. China says the steps it has taken are lawful and justified. Some 400 people have been quarantined in China since the virus was confirmed in a man who arrived from Mexico. Most are in the Metropark hotel in Hong Kong, where the infected man checked in, but the number also includes his fellow passengers. The Wall Street Journal has an article detailing the situation inside the Metropark: The confinement has led to some tense moments. On Saturday morning, health workers met with guests to answer some of their questions, according to several guests reached by phone. A Korean man said he had a traveling companion with a health condition and heart medication, and he said confining him there could be dangerous for his health, recalled Kevin Ireland, a 45-year-old apparel exporter from Delhi who was at the meeting. Shi Wenjing, a 27-year-old translator from Shanghai, was there, too. She remembers the Korean man growing more and more agitated. “He shouted loud at the health officers and insisted that he should be released,” she said. Both she and Mr. Ireland recall him telling the health officers that if anything happened, “I’ll kill you!” It turns out the Metropark hotel group has bad luck when it comes to infectious diseases, according to CNN. The Metropark Hotel in Kowloon was the epicenter of the SARS outbreak in 2003. See also “China quarantines Mexicans over swine flu fears” from the Guardian, and “China says quarantined passengers from Mexico flight show no flu symptoms” from Xinhua. Update: Reuters reports that “China denies ...
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