China Requires Pre-Installed Internet Filter on All New Computers (Updated)

From Xinhua: China said Tuesday it would have all new computers in China pre-installed with a filter software, in a bid to protect minors from “unhealthy information” from the Internet. All computers produced or sold in China after July 1 would be installed with such software, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT). Mandatory pre-installation of the ‘Green Dam-Youth Escort’ filter has already come under attack from foreign computer industries.  From the Taipei Times: China yesterday defended a new requirement that personal computers sold in the country carry a software that filters online content, just hours after Microsoft said the rule raised issues of freedom of expression, privacy and security that “need to be properly addressed.” The statement by the US software giant came after a US computer industry association denounced the Chinese move and leading US personal computer makers said they were studying its ramifications. Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang (秦剛) defended Beijing’s administration of the Internet, saying it was in accordance with the law and that the software “is aimed at blocking and filtering some unhealthy content, including pornography and violence.” And from BBC: Critics have complained that [the new screening software] could also be used to stop Chinese internet users searching for politically sensitive information. But Mr Qin, speaking at a regular press briefing, said China promoted the healthy development of the internet. […]The aim is to build a healthy and harmonious online environment that does not poison young people’s minds, according to the directive [issued July 1 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology]. Beijing based financial magazine Caijing published the following text on this topic, translated by CDT: Notice Concerning Pre-installation of Green Web Access Filtering Software Associated Work Units: In order to create a green, healthy, and harmonious internet
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4 Responses to China Requires Pre-Installed Internet Filter on All New Computers (Updated)

  1. Justin says:

    All business issues are related to political issues, and in the end, every important political and social issue has relevance to business!

    In China, the CCP only knows how to maintain their authority by forbidding information… anything that opposes their rule gets banned!

    The problem with that is this limits the development of the Chinese people, as if this wouldn’t cost China their economic future ahead?

    CCP must go… it is the curse of world to remain in power! China will fail, because it cannot grow… it cannot develop when it serves the CCP….

    China, a country where there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom to demonstrate, no freedom of association, and not even the freedoms of expression and religious belief.

  2. Charles Liu says:

    CDT, your translation of the 5/19 MIIT announcement is inaccurate. Specifically page 2 Para 2) is missing a very important “or”, causing your translation to reflect a much more strict mandate. The correct translation is as follows:


    2, “Green Dam-Youth Chaperon” software should bundle on computer hard drive or in accompanying CD, as well as backups on recovery partition and recovery disk.

    At no point was there any madate for end user to install or run this software, only for PC makers to make this software available.

  3. Charles Liu says:

    Also, MIIT and the software maker have made the above point very clear, as early as 6/9, however our media seems to have choosen to focus on this manufactured “censorship” issue to denigrade China and its people:

    据新华社电 昨日,工信部有关负责人说…

    According to Xinhua wire yesterday [6/10], relevant leader in MIIT said…


    also allowing users to freely choose installation or not, at the same time user’s online activity will not be monitoryed, with no user data collected.

    The “end user can freely choose to install or not” quote from MIIB offical shows they are asking for the install to be bundled.