China to Build Oil and Gas Pipeline to Myanmar

China will begin building a long oil and gas pipeline to in September.  From The Times of India:

China begins lying a gigantic 1,100 km long gas and to Myanmar in September; the official media said a day before the visit of Burmese leaders beginning Wednesday. It will cut transportation costs by shortening the journey for crude from the Middle East and Africa.

The move has serious strategic and political implications for both India and China, which has vetoed every United Nations resolution against Myanmar. It comes soon after China beat India in winning a 30-year concession from Yangoon’s military junta besides launching construction of hydroelectric dams in that country.

[…]”The section of the pipelines in Myanmar will be built under the name of CNPC but whether CNPC or PetroChina undertakes the construction of the domestic section has not been decided,” the official China Securities Journal reported.

June 16, 2009, 12:27 PM
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