New Tax Plan Sparks China Protest

From BBC: Protesters in the south-eastern Chinese city of Nankang have overturned police cars and blocked roads over plans to more strictly enforce payment of taxes. Officials in Nankang said several hundred protesters blocked a major road while others delivered a petition to a local government office. […]China’s official Xinhua news agency said the local government’s plan to more strictly enforce payment of taxes from the furniture makers and dealers has been suspended in the face of the opposition. Danwei has more details, including a video which seems to have been just recently pulled from the Internet. Zuihulu has posted photos of the crowds and overturned police cars on Fanfou:
Hundreds of people block the main roads and overturn police cars in Nankang in protest over stricter tax enforcement on local furniture businesses.
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4 Responses to New Tax Plan Sparks China Protest

  1. […] raising taxes on furniture-makers in the south-eastern Chinese city of Nankang, and this is what will happen to you.Think of this as global regulatory protest competition. Thanks to Matthew […]

  2. The Wolf says:

    China is becoming a powder keg.

  3. BSinghDee says:

    THIS IS WHAT MANY UNEDUCATED CHINESE MEAN AND UNDERSTAND BY “DEMOCRACY” – a selfish ” my interests are the most important, I have no obligation to my neighbour, society and country.”

    The whole point of the debate between the West and China (over the idea whether democracy is a boon or bane to China) is missed by Westerners.
    While the Western world has traversed a bloody historical learning curve of more than one thousand years
    to arrive at a model of respecting other’s rights and one’s obligations to the society, government and country ( paying taxes is one of the obligations of a democratic society to its government), the bulk of the Chinese race has remained ossified in their moribund, deadwood weighty mentality of “my interests first before society or country”, rendering any hasty introduction of democratic practice or principle a travesty.

    Is there any China-basher out there who is going to support the non-payment of taxes, using violent demonstrations to exempt oneself from paying taxes while others have to pay ?
    If there are any, then they are just hypocrites instigating the Chinese to create mayhem while they themselves willingly pays taxes to their governments.
    Can you imagine a Scandinavian ( Swede, Danish etc.) advocating non-payment of taxes but still expect the highly subsidised welfare/healthcare programmes?

    So, is this a genuine expression of “democracy”( which the China detractors so knee-jerkingly cheer on seeing any disorder in China) or another manifestation of the old Chinese anarchic and selfish malaise?

    If the West supports Chinese not obeying rules ( and not paying taxes) then why the hell should we abide by WTO rules and so-called “fair-trade” rules, including even subjecting the yuan to increased pressure just to please the West ?
    Since you preach non-compliance of rules in China as the highest norm of “democracy”, then this laudable non-compliance should also encompass the Missile Non-Proliferation Treaty and any other treaties.
    After all you preach anarchy to us , so anarchy should be the norm in all spheres of relations, commercial and political, and in international relations.

    You can encourage non-payment of dues and obligations to society and government in China, but try not paying tax yourselves just for one month in USA or any Western country . You will land in jail, with the IRS and Federal agents bashing your door down and handcuffing you.

    Boy, this is a real fine time to begin such riots in USA, especially after the impending economic crash.
    ( Of course I don’t want to see you do that. Just being rhetorical.Please keep your cool and calm in such situations. I don’t want to see many fine Americans brutally bashed by the police/National Guard and shipped to FEMA concentration camps. )

    We know that there have been many Tax tea-Party protests in USA to protest against the unaccountability and disappearance of bail-out and stimulus money, the deceits of Ponzi schemes, exorbitant golden handshakes for CEOs of bankrupt companies etc. Your protests are legitimate, but please make sure that your emotions will not take a “chinese turn” – ie turn violent and destroy public property and lives, holding out obdurately for no clear goal beyond the acceptable limits of even the most patient minds….
    Sometime it is right to have a demonstration over real injustices, but there must be a sense of balance , proportion and limits, a sense of knowing when and what is too much and serves no purpose but merely to descend into the abyss of anarchy.

    In times of major crises, my american friends, ponder over Zhao Zhi Yang’s wise words to the hot-headed students of Tienanmen : Be RATIONAL, think of the consequences. You have made your point, so please go back. We have broached the subject ( of the new intransparent and fault-riddled “modernisation” )and we will continue to discuss it.
    We ( the older leaders) were young and reckless and we laid ourselves on the tracks like you (students), but learn from us, you are young and don’t waste your lives by foolhardy and confrontational protests. Live to fight another day, IN A SMARTER WAY. ( Less violent and agitated way .)
    These words will be very relevant to USA youth in the very near future when the economy will collapse.
    The outcome will be very different in both countries ( China and USA).
    While the Chinese government’s crackdown was one of desperate reaction to the perceived collapse of the existential rights of the government and the perceived return of the nightmare of millenial Chinese brutal civil war, yours ( USA’s) will be a cool, calculated PLANNED reaction which have been readied during the Bush era ( Don’t blame just Obama – he merely inherited the troubles and reaction plans) that ANTICIPATES your dissent and has laid out in detail all contingency plans to arrest, imprison in concentration camps and eliminate (?) millions if the masses should ever repeat a Tienanmen style demo in USA.
    Gorblimey, the ferocious crackdown in the event of such protests in USA will make the Tienanmen incident look like a mere child’s play, a mere tinsel on the whole US Christmas Tree crashing down…..
    Please remember Zhao Zhi Yang’s words to hot-headed democratic activists : Be rational.
    Live to fight another day IN A SMARTER WAY.

    Final thought : If you (West) encourage us to protest vehently and often in China, the next big Protest by Chinese people, students and democrats and eveyone will be this :
    Protests are a double-edged sword.
    It can also stab the instigator China-bashers.

  4. BSinghDee,

    I’ve often ignored your posts because, frankly, they’re just so long. But you made some very good point about responsibility, about personal versus societal interests, about China’s choices vis a vis the States, etc. My only complaint is that everything is couched in terms of “China-bashers” and “the West”–why not just have the argument, without all the assumptions about the motivations and background of your opponents.