“Guo Baofeng, Your Mother is Calling You Home for Dinner!” (With Slideshow)

Almost every Chinese kid has been summoned while outside playing with their playmates: “Your mother is calling you home for dinner!” Recently, a BBS post titled “Jia Junpeng, your mother is calling you home for dinner!” became an Internet phenomenon, inspiring its own World of Warcraft Forum topic which in turn gained millions of views (read more about the story here). However, nobody knows whether Jia Junpeng exists or not. But the phrase may have inspired Chinese netizens to join the game by reminding them of their own childhood experiences. But only days later, this phrase is now being transformed into an entirely new meaning after the creation of a new phrase: “Guo Baofeng, your mother is calling you home for dinner!” Unlike Jia Junpeng, Guo Baofeng (Twitter handle: @amoiist) is a familiar name to many Chinese twitterers and he is also an active blogger, living in Xiamen. Here is how this story developed, from the Guardian: The hundreds following amoiist on Twitter were used to his stream of messages. But they ended abruptly with two terse updates early yesterday morning. “i have been arrested by Mawei police, SOS” he wrote. Then shortly afterwards: “Pls help me, I grasp the phone during police sleep.” His followers quickly passed on his plea to other Twitterers. But since then there has been silence from amoiist – also known as Peter Guo, or Guo Bofeng – who is apparently the latest internet user to be caught up in an inquiry that began with claims of defamation but which police now say involves “state secrecy issues”. As many as seven bloggers have been detained over claims that a 25-year-old woman, Yan Xiaoling, had been gang-raped and murdered. It was further alleged that the man responsible was connected to local authorities in her city in ...
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4 Responses to “Guo Baofeng, Your Mother is Calling You Home for Dinner!” (With Slideshow)

  1. Charles Liu says:

    The bloogers were arrested for rumor mongering. They accused the police of not only covering up the gang rape, but also commiting the gang rape.

    While the autopsy showed Yan died of ectopic pregnancy.

    Yes, according to this article the case is consistent with ectopic pregnancy, a leading cause of pregnancy related death:


    Here’s the report on what the police investigation found:


    And many people don’t realize removal of organ is standard autopsy procedure. Please Google “Rokitansky method” for details.

    So what is the case for accusing police of covering up gang rape [committed by by elephants appearantly]? The victim’s folopian tube is torn from rape not from ectopic pregnancy? Who is the unnamed hospital personnel?

    There’s absolutely no credible evidence to the allegation.

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  3. Ben says:

    Stop and think for a moment Mr Liu, this girl is your fellow Chinese, what if she did get raped? It is not unusual for that to happen, and the authorities in China have a record of covering things up, the whole world knows this. Take a look at this link:

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