Chinese Tweeting About Urumqi (Updated with Photos)

While Twitter (and Facebook) are now blocked in China, people there are still finding ways to “jump the wall” and tweet away. Below are some comments sent around on Twitter, translated by CDT (these will be continually updated): * 现场采访记者上午被示威者追打。当地政府提醒,有人敲门一定要看清楚再开,有消息指维族人会入屋行动。另外,要节约用水。
Some reporters were chased by demonstrators this morning. Local authorities remind people that one must check who is knocking on the door before opening it. There is information that Uighurs are taking action entering homes. Also, conserve water. *《财经》记者看到,有汉族群众成群结队行走,有人拿着棍棒。很多小区居民组成了自卫队。主要街面上几乎见不到维族群众,大部分是汉族市民。还有位汉族姑娘牵了只大型犬用以防身。
Caijing reporter saw the Han Chinese walking on the street in groups, some with sticks in their hands. Many residents organized self-defense forces. There were almost no Uighurs on the main streets, most people on the streets are Han citizens. One Han girl is walking with a large dog as if for self-defense. * 中国新闻周刊的记者王刚从乌鲁木齐来电,说暴动又开始了,他正在装甲车旁,两边都草木皆兵,还不断地有维族人从下面的各地赶来要包围这里.电话里传来维族人的呐喊嘶叫声
China News Weekly reporter Wang Gang phoned from Urumqi. He said the riots started again. He is standing beside an armed vehicle. Both sides are highly alert and hysterical, and there are more Uighurs coming from other areas to surround the city. In the phone one can hear the shouting of Uighurs. * 公安部、中宣部要求:为调和维族与汉族矛盾,对事件本身的宣传要以新华社、人民日报的口径为口径。但要尽量揭露东突的罪行,让人民群众了解东突的本质。——以上消息来自中央Gov内部人士的口讯。
Ministry of Public Security and Central Propaganda Department requirement: In order to reconcile conflicts between Han and Uighurs, all publicity of this event should follow the tune of Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily. But it needs to expose the crimes of the East Turkestan movement as much as possible, let the masses understand the real face of the East Turkestan movement. — above information came from oral messages of insiders in the central government. * 政府报了那么多详细数字,难道提一下156人中多少是汉人很难吗?无论以什么理由不公布这个数字,只能造成外界全面的各说各话。
The government reports so many detailed numbers. How difficult is it to mention how many Han Chinese are among the 156 deaths? No matter why the government is not publicizing this number, it only causes ...
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2 Responses to Chinese Tweeting About Urumqi (Updated with Photos)

  1. Therese says:

    LOLOLOL last i checked, han chinese don’t respect peaceful protests either.

  2. […] here are a list of tweets from Urumqi that made it through the Great Firewall of China. They provide a glimpse of not only the stark ethnic divide that exists in Xinjiang, but also the fear and uncertainty of mass civil unrest. […]