No Detail Overlooked in China’s Celebration

The New York Times writes about the elaborate preparations for Thursday’s massive National Day celebrations and the reasons why many Beijingers are probably eagerly awaiting Friday morning:

China’s government at times resembles an exasperated parent trying to rein in a pack of rebellious children. Its edicts are persistently flouted by censor-dodging Internet users, wayward local officials and rioting Uighurs.

But when it comes to the impending National Day celebration in Beijing, the government appears fully in control. When swarms of soldiers, throngs of tanks and flocks of floats roll past Tiananmen Square on Thursday, 10,000 police officers and security guards will monitor Beijing street corners and checkpoints for evidence of potential party-spoilers. As many as 800,000 volunteers have also been enlisted to help maintain security.

Knife sales have been banned in at least some stores. Beijing’s international airport will be closed Thursday for three hours. Along the parade route, the authorities have forbidden parade-watchers from opening windows or standing on balconies.

See also “No pigeons, no balloons during China’s 60th anniversary party” from the Christian Science Monitor blog.

September 28, 2009, 8:24 PM
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