Liaoning Police Take Live Video Petition

residents carrying grievances may now file petitions via video conferencing. From Global Times:

d9dce7cf0cResidents in Liaoning Province who want to file a complaint or request on public security issues may do so remotely at their neighborhood police stations through a televised conference system.

The system, launched Thursday, allows residents to raise their issues by speaking into a camera instead of having to travel to , the capital.

The local police accepted 17 cases Thursday, the China News Service said.

“The video reception will minimize the ’ cost and maximize the efficiency of reception work, which won’t be restricted by numbers of , time, venue, weather or other factors,” said Meng Wei, director of the Letters and Visits Office, Public Security Department of Liaoning Province.

Meng said video reception will maximize the use of police resources, as there are more than 42 million people and 71,000 police officers in Liaoning Province.

December 11, 2009 10:50 PM
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