Meng Jianzhu (孟建柱): Internet Provides New Challenges for Public Security Agencies

Meng Jianzhu (孟建柱), the Minister of Public Security, recently published a long article in the Party publication “Qiushi”《求是》. The title of the article is “Intensify the Construction of Five Capacities, Comprehensively Raise the Level of Stability Maintenance”《着力强化五个能力建设 全面提升维护稳定水平》. The following paragraph is from the article (via, translated by CDT: Currently, the social and economic development of China shows a series of new transitional characteristics. In the domain of social stability, there are heightened conflicts among the people, a higher crime rate, and a complex situation in the struggle against enemies. The Internet has become a primary method for the anti-China forces to infiltrate us and amplify destructive energy. This provides new challenges in maintaining state security and social stability for the Public Security agencies. The interconnectivity, complexity and sensitivity of different kinds of social conflicts has apparently increased, bringing new challenges for public security agencies in controlling the complex situation. All kids of criminal activities and social order issues are growing in scale. This also presents new problems for Public Security agencies managing social order. People’s consciousness of the law and consciousness of rights have obviously increased, and the level of public opinion and social supervision has increased to an unprecedented scale. This requires new standards for Public Security agencies’ law enforcement activities. 当前,中国经济社会发展呈现出一系列新的阶段性特征,社会稳定领域呈现出人民内部矛盾凸显、刑事犯罪高发、对敌斗争复杂的基本态势。互联网已成为反华势力对我进行渗透破坏、放大破坏能量的重要手段,给公安机关维护国家安全和社会稳定带来了新挑战;各种社会矛盾的关联性、复杂性、敏感性明显增强,给公安机关驾驭复杂局势带来了新考验;各类违法犯罪和社会治安问题大量增多,给公安机关社会管理带来了新课题;人民群众法律意识、权利意识明显增强,舆论监督、社会监督力度空前加大,给公安机关执法活动提出了新要求。” ...
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