Xia Chenghua (夏诚华): The Current State of Maintaining Social Stability and the Needs of Internet Propaganda

In China, several political bodies are in charge of Internet content control. At the highest level, there is the Central Propaganda Department, which ensures that media and cultural content follows the official line as mandated by the CCP. Then there is the State Council Information Office (SCIO), which has established “Internet Affairs Bureau” to oversee all Websites that publish news, including the official sites of news organizations as well as independent sites that post news content.

Recently, the ninth session of the 2009 SCIO Internet News Work Training Session just finished in Beijing. All participants are top editors and managers of major news websites in China. The trainers include:

* Li Wufeng, Bureau Chief of the State Council Information Office Internet Affairs Bureau
* Peng Bo, Deputy Chief of the State Council Information Office Internet Affairs Bureau
* Professor Zhu Feng, Peking University School of International Relations
* Song Fufan, Director of the Ideology and Political Education Teaching and Research Section of the Marxist Theory Research Department at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China
* Zhai Huisheng, Party Secretary of the All China Federation of Working Journalists
* Professor Gao Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University School of Journalism and Communication
* Xia Chenghua, Deputy Chief of the Central Government Stability Preservation Leading Group Office
* Zhou Xisheng, Deputy Chief of Xinhua News Agency, Director-General of Xinhua News Agency

Soon after the training finished, one of the participants released her notes from this session online. CDT has translated the entire collection of notes from this 2009 SCIO Internet News Work training session; in total there are eight articles, which we will publish consecutively in coming days. CDT would like to thank the translator, who wishes to remain anonymous. Read the previous installments of notes. What follows is the seventh installment:

Xia Chenghua, Deputy Chief of the Central Government Stability Preservation Leading Group Office*

A. Introduction to the Central Government Preservation Office. The Central Government Social Stability Preservation Office is an organ within the Communist Party Central Committee that conducts discussions and provides coordination.
B. The current state of social stability: Our nation is still engaged in a long term struggle with hostile forces in the West which seek to break apart and westernize China. Domestically, our country is still in a critical stage of its reforms.
C. Currently, our country’s main internal contradictions (conflicts) are:
i. Mass incidents caused by changes in businesses.
ii. Problems with ex-members of the armed forces. The central government requests: they must be well taken care of, every effort must be made to resolve their difficulties, and it is necessary to prevent them from being used by hostile forces.
iii. Irregularly petitioning for redress. It is the right of citizens to petition higher levels of government; however, using irregular means of petitioning for redress influences social stability.
iv. Large scale mass incidents caused by demolitions and the taking of rural land.
v. Large scale mass incidents caused by serious criminal activity. For example, multi-level marketing schemes and illegal fundraising.
D. The challenges to social stability brought by the widespread use of the internet.

* See here. This office is referred to hereinafter as the “Stability Preservation Office.”



[To be continued]


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