Han Han: “From Now On, I’m a Vulgar Person”

ChinaGeeks has translated a blog post by Han Han about the recent order banning “vulgar” text messages:

Aside from sending pornographic texts to males, beginning tomorrow, I will also be sending sexual [text messages] to females. This is all in the name of making good on the ’s dereliction of duty. I strongly support the , but they haven’t told us what the definition of “pornographic” and “inappropriate” are. The relevant government department should publish in the People’s Daily and read aloud on the news a list of the [banned] obscene and pornographic words. For exmaple, on the news, the female announcer could say that “the relevant department has initiated a stern on pornographic messages and the vulgar-ization of texting. Words to be banned include: Vagina,” then the male announcer says “penis”…that would be a truly responsible [way of handling it].

…Twenty years ago, China used the term “hoodlum” [流氓]to label a group of people it wanted to eliminate. After sentencing and more sentencing, execution and more execution, we’ve come to today, and the vocabulary has changed [from “hoodlum”] to “vulgar”, they want to eliminate you because you’re vulgar. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the people who judge whether or not others are vulgar, where does their ‘high culture’ come from? For example, 100 RMB on a prostitute is vulgar, spending 100,000 RMB on an entertainer is high culture; if a person looks at a pornographic picture it’s vulgar, if a person looks at a classified government document it’s high culture; if a person buys a toy gun it’s vulgar, if a person uses a real gun to kill two people [probably a reference to this case] it’s high culture; if a person plays World of Warcraft it’s vulgar, if a person ‘plays’ with it’s high culture. Of course, no one can say for sure [what’s vulgar and what isn’t], and as soon as you say for sure, you can’t do whatever you want. To prevent against a day when I might suddenly become a ‘vulgar person’, I will take the initiative, and become one now.

Read more about Han Han and about the -vulgarity campaign via CDT.

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