“It’s Time To Stop the Absurd Promotion of John Naisbitt’s ‘China’s Megatrends’,” (Updated with Photo)

On the Diane Rehm show, the host interviews John and Doris Naisbitt about their book, “China’s Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society” According to the book’s promotional materials: China is creating an entirely new social and economic model, fitting to Chinese history and society just as America created a model fitting its history and society more than 200 years ago. [Naisbitt] identifies eight pillars of this new system. The Emanicipation of the Mind
Planning by Trial and Error
The Limits of Freedom and Fairness
Framing the Forest, Letting the Trees Grow
Balancing Top-down with Bottom-up
Artistic and Intellectual Ferment
Joining the World Stage
The Mighty River of Innovation When asked by Rehm why the Chinese government bans websites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, John Naisbitt replies, “Because there are things on those websites that do not contribute to the stability of the country.” He later replied to a caller by misinforming him that Liu Xiaobo was arrested “not for speaking his mind,” but for “organizing an alternative government.” Listen to the interview here. Learn more about the Naisbitts and their work in China at their China Institute’s website. Updated: How are the Naisbitts and their new book viewed in China? Here are some illustrative examples: (1) From the official website of China’s State Council Information Office (SCIO is the Chinese government’s main propaganda organ, which is in charge of “explaining China to the world 向世界说明中国” as well as controlling the content of the domestic Internet.): On September 12, 2009, the Director of the State Council Information Office Wang Chen (王晨) met authors of “China’s Megatrends” John and Doris Naisbitt in the offices of SCIO. Jiang Wenqiang (江伟强), the Director of the Second Bureau of SCIO (Second Bureau is in charge of “developing international public relations, promoting communication ...
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12 Responses to “It’s Time To Stop the Absurd Promotion of John Naisbitt’s ‘China’s Megatrends’,” (Updated with Photo)

  1. AT says:

    Though I agree with a lot of what they say, the Naisbitts’ analysis is as hollow as a tennis ball. I’m sure they are sitting pretty atop the Chinese government’s list of 外国朋友。

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  3. study says:

    Someone should conduct a study of these guys, Robert Lawrence Kuhn and John Naisbitt….

  4. Tenzin says:

    Its all about money. they are simply greedy and communist regime love to hear this kind of stories from non chinese perspective. its all crap!!

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  6. Tan says:

    It’s an uplifting book for Chinese. But I think the Chinese leaders prefer to read books like “The coming collapse of China”. Even though it failed to predict the China demise, it warned the leaders to watch out for the pitfalls. It’s hard to fall into a hole when someone told you that there was a hole.

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  9. Justin Chen says:

    No surprising that anything positive said about China will raise many protests from those who have little understanding of this country and its people. China bashing has become such a fashion in the world, especially in the west, that some hardcore China haters cannot stand it when someone ever dare to say anything good about China. It is a damn shame because no matter how you try to black paint the Chinese system — it works; it has brought a backward country of 1/5 of the world population out of poverty and become a economic giant. Maybe this is what get on some people’s nerves — how dare China be strong! Sure China should follow the superior democratic system of the west or else. Human rights is always a weapon raise by the China haters – what hypocrites! The west has trampled human rights no less that any other country — oh wait — only that the west should be above blame. Anyway, wake up and try be a little fair. Try not to interfere with other country’s internal business.

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  11. Rony says:

    I admire the Naisbitts’ courage to base their book on media content analysis. Undeniably they did a good job in analyzing a huge amount of media content, trying to separate facts from official “propaganda”. This book is certainly a good reference for those westerners who are interested in China and are filled with information from western perspectives. But, knowledge of . But calling it a ” great book to learn about China” is simply too much.
    The title is somewhat misleading too. T speaks of the megatrends that Chinese officials wish to see and say happening, which are less than anything, but never came to reality. For example the final chapter, when addressing human right issues, is so weak.

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