Liang Jing (梁京): From Ruling by Rhetoric to Ruling by Secret Police

Thanks to David Kelly, Professor of China Studies, China Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney, for translating the following opinion piece by political commentator Liang Jing: Liang Jing, From ruling by rhetoric to ruling by secret police* I was left rather shocked by the many stories in the current (21 January) issue of Nanfang Zhoumo [Southern Weekend] that reflect a prosperous China’s many long and short-term worries. Coverage of the disaster in Haiti was accompanied not only by “Haiti’s sad history”, but also by stories of Chinese illegal immigrants to the US via Haiti, dubbed “human snakes.” The experiences of the Haitian people and Chinese illegal immigrants are thought-provoking and show how the man-made disasters of greed and evil are the real reasons bringing about a hell on earth. An article entitled “Deconstructing the new social security reforms” tells readers that the delayed launch of these reforms, and complete lack of arrangements in place for the huge social security payments in future, have lit another huge time bomb. [1] An article headed “Looking into the ‘anti pornography and crime’ office” removes the veil from a mysterious institution, namely the centre of the “anti-pornography” storm – the CPC’s “Office of the ‘Anti-pornography and Crime’ Working Group.” [2] The article claims this institution will in future “affect more people’s daily lives.” For many years the Party was unconcerned about pornography circulating unimpeded in official circles; their sudden high degree of concern now about “yellow text messages” is naturally out of fear of cell phones being used to send political messages. In this issue’s Rule of Law section, readers can read how forensic evidence, once known as the “king of evidence,” has become the “king of gossip.” [3] Due to constant intrusions by power, forensic evidence in China has lost any independence; forensic ...
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