Han Han (韩寒): Those Onions Which Never Get Clean

China Elections and Governance has translated ’s latest blog post, in which he tackles higher , brain-washing, and :

News reporters search for the truth; history teachers narrate history; authors and scholars write a little about the truth; movie directors film reality. At best they are committing erroneous thought; at worst they are going down a road of crime. But as soon as one person has speculated, many people will follow: was this person drunk by coffee, was this person blocked, was this person arrested. As a result, even though it is often the case that nothing really big happened to the person–at most the criminal evidence has been eliminated– people still do not feel at ease, but are instead even more worried about themselves. They feel that maybe those other people were too well known, the government had concerns—if the government doesn’t come for me, isn’t that because they’re not concerned about me? What kind of deeply rooted image is this? How much watering time does it take to grow up into this?

In any age, brains are washed just like vegetables, and there are always a few onions that just won’t come clean. Before, people wanted to cut up these onions to make them clean, but as times changed, these people can only require that those few dirty onions grow up with each looking after itself. But if you try to tell that to other onions, they will immediately wait to be squashed.

May 15, 2010 7:15 AM
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