In Pictures: Would BP’s CEO Have Been Executed In China?

Forbes has created a slideshow satirically imagining how events would unfold if the BP oil spill had happened off the Chinese coast. From their introduction: Some time ago we reached the “China Zone” for the BP story. The China Zone is where you are ready to believe any story you hear happened in the country, because no matter how unbelievable it is, you just think to yourself, “Ha, that’s China!” It has reached the point where we will believe anything we hear about BP. Tony Hayward spear-fishing for The Little Mermaid, as The Daily Showrecently posited? Only implausible because she is a fictional creature. (Inspiration for the China Zone comes from The Sports Guy Bill Simmons’ “Tyson Zone” at I came to this realization as I tried to imagine how the BP oil spill would have unfolded if it had happened in China. In recognition of China’s tendency to do everything roughly 1,000 times faster than in the West, I imagined the crisis reaching its conclusion in just 10 days. ...
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One Response to In Pictures: Would BP’s CEO Have Been Executed In China?

  1. We can only hope and wish. The more $$ you have in the US of Aint’t we great, the less culpable you become.

    The world hopes and wishes that this doesn’t become the norm in China.