Jason Ng: What Kind of Tea Did I Drink?

“Drinking Tea” (喝茶) is now a common vocabulary in online political discourse. It refers to the widespread practices by DSD police or other authorities to harass, intimidate and conduct information-gathering on citizens for their political activities. Although each such “Tea” session always comes with the warning to keep the conversation to oneself, more and more netizens have been sharing their “Drinking Tea” experiences; as a result, we can see that the government effort to control online speech goes way beyond technological filtering and deleting of content and blocking of foreign websites. The following excerpt and translation is from hexiesociety blog: Jason Ng, a famous Chinese blogger of Kenengba.com, was taken by police to have a conversation in June 4, 2010. Since that, he has being low-key for a long time. Many people are worry about him, asking him whether he was threatened by the police or government on that day. Therefore he updated a new post in his private blog about what exactly happened on that day. The follow conversation is translated properly from original Chinese. When we reached the police station, they told me to wait in a room with exchange equipments. A fat policewoman came to ask me: “Have you said anything about Tiananmen Square protests on Internet?” “About what?” “Have you said anything?” “About what?” “Have you ever said anything?” “Never.” Then she went away, she was not in charge of my case. And later a middle age police name Zhang came to me, whose son has the same age of me, he said when in June 4, 1989, he was a armed police to keep peace in Tiananmen Square. The he told me, it was not the time for China to have democracy, because there is only one politic party in the country. Later, another police ...
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One Response to Jason Ng: What Kind of Tea Did I Drink?

  1. JD says:

    Guys, you should put the next part here.
    “The tech guy” came and pulled the history in IE to check if he has ever visited some website, Jason said, I don’t use IE. The tech guy looked perplexed. He doesn’t understand how you could surf without IE. Hilarious stuff.