QIAO Mu (独木乔): My First Meeting with the Central Propaganda Department

QIAO Mu, an instructor at Beijing Foreign Language University, wrote a post on his blog describing his search for and impressions of the enigmatic Central Propaganda Department. (Translated by Don Weinland) Because I coordinate the Beijing Foreign Language University’s international news broadcast master’s training, I am sometimes summoned to the Central Propaganda Department and Central Education Department for meetings with five other test colleges. In the past, due to business trips, not being of an adequate status and other inconveniences, I didn’t attend a Central Propaganda Department meeting. On Nov. 25 I was again notified to attend a meeting. The notice gave the topic of discussion and the time, but didn’t give the location of the Central Propaganda Department. It said only what floor and what room in the department. The notice requested the name of the attendee and the number of their car be reported to a contact in advance. Because my leader was busy, the responsibility to go fell on me alone. I didn’t dare request a car from my work unit. I was reluctant to spend money on a taxi and unwilling to drive my own car (worried about getting lost and not finding a parking space). So only the option of taking a public transportation was left. But where was the Central Propaganda Department? This place – other than on American satellite images – cannot be found on a Chinese map.  I knew it was close to the Party Central Committee, or even itself is the very “Central.” But I didn’t know the exact location or what street it was on. The number I had been called from in the past appeared as eight zeros on my phone. Was this to be mysterious, or just secretive? I fearfully called the contact number on the notification. “Where’s ...
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