“First Annual National Exhibition of Heartwarming Blogs and Online Posts” Launched by State Council Information Office

As CDT readers are well aware, Chinese propaganda authorities frequently issue directives of news and events that cannot be reported or highlighted by Internet sites and traditional media. (CDT compiles such orders in our Directives from the Ministry of Truth series.) In addition to such censorship orders, the State Council Information Office, which oversees Internet content, also issues instructions for positive reporting of certain events or topics. For example, as the Chinese New Year approaches, the SCIO has asked all websites to participate in the “First Annual National Exhibition of Heartwarming Blogs and Online Posts.” The report below was published in the People’s Daily: People’s Network (Renmin Wang), Beijing, 1/28 (by: Yang Tiehu): With the spring festival approaching and the spirit of the season intensifying, the Internet has become filled with jubilance for the New Year. Under the leadership of the State Council Information Office, and with the warm response of websites from all areas, the coming days will see the opening of the “First Annual National Exhibition of Heartwarming Blogs and Online Posts.” This activity will be a grand online holiday affair offered to people across the nation during celebrations for the Year of the Rabbit. It will use rich and colorful online cultural productions to create a strong festive atmosphere. It will reflect the happy welcome that the vast population of Internet users extends to the New Year, and the wonderful experience those users have celebrating this joyous holiday. It will also reflect the prosperity and peace of the nation and its people, and raise up delightful scenes of the nation’s jubilant celebration. On January 28, responsible officials from the Internet Affairs Bureau of the State Council News and Information Office informed People’s Network reporters that the activity would be formally unveiled on February 2nd. All sorts of ...
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