China Evacuates Nationals From Chaotic Libya

For the estimated 33,000 Chinese  working and living in Libya, the Chinese government has offered “all-out efforts to secure [their] life and property”, as protests there escalate. From People’s Daily: A government task force, led by Vice-Premer Zhang Dejiang and State Councillor Dai Bingguo, was set up Tuesday by Beijing to lead and orchestrate efforts for evacuating Chinese citizens, including compatriots from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, from Libya. The task force decided at a meeting Tuesday in Beijing to immediately send chartered flights from Chinese airlines with medical and food supplies to the region. Some Chinese companies located in Libya have been looted and Chinese workers have been attacked.  From Xinhua: Several Chinese companies in Libya have been attacked and looted, but no casualties were reported yet, a Chinese worker here said Monday. A construction site run by Huafeng Construction Co., Ltd. from China’s Zhejiang Province was looted by a group of armed gangsters Sunday afternoon in the eastern city of Agedabia, and nearly 1,000 Chinese workers there were forced out of the site and became homeless, said Yuan Canhua, a Chinese living in the suburb of Tripoli, capital city of Libya. Libya is a moderately important supplier of crude oil for China. In 2010, Chinese state-owned oil company Sinopec raised the number of imported Libyan crude oil to close to 6 million barrels a month; imports from Libyan now account for around 3% of China’s total, having more than doubled over the last two years. The evacuation is to take place by land, sea and air, with an array of modes of transport pressed into service. In addition, a PLAN frigate already in the Indian Ocean on an anti-piracy mission has been diverted to monitor and support the effort. From China SignPost: The PLA Navy has just dispatched ...
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