Hu Xijin’s Microblog

From the ESWN blog: Hu Xijin’s Microblog (2011/2/27) Hu Xijin is the chief editor of the Chinese newspaper . He recently opened a Weibo account under his real name Hu Xijin. He quickly got more than 13,000 followers.
2.25 11:24 How is everybody? I am starting a microblog. 2.25 14:37 I am Hu Xijin, chief editor of . I was in the army for 11 years. As a reporter, I covered the Serbian war and the Iraq war in the frontlines. I love my motherland. I know the hardship faced by this nation. As chief editor, I hope that can report the truth and not evade the sensitive issues. We want to use the sum total of all our reporting to show a complex world and an authentic, complex China. 2.25 19:01 I thank you for your support. I say hello to you. Having lived for fifty years over various periods and places in China, even many foreign places, I came to know this nation of ours through the expressions and feelings of others. Today I have come to “Weibo China.” I was just thinking about what an interesting extension of Chinese civilization this is. 2.26 00:11 I just finished work. I get off work every day around this time. I opened my new Weibo page and I saw that I had more than 5,000 followers in half a day. This was truly astounding to me. I saw many comments, most of which are critical of me. Frankly, I was less shocked about the latter than about the number of followers. Someone told me this morning that I must be more open-minded on Weibo or else I should not bother coming. I thank every one of my commentators. 2.26 00:13 I hope that Weibo can be a place ...
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