Li Tiantian: Today, the DSD Took Me for a Chat Again

Li Tiantian is a lawyer in Shanghai, who disappeared after being arrested over a month ago. She wrote this on her blog about a previous run-in with Domestic Security Department agents on February 15, 2011, in which she was questioned over her writings in a practice that netizens call “drinking tea.” [Translated by Samuel Wade] Today I got picked up by the National Treasures (Domestic Security Department) again to go and talk to them for a while, because I’d written something online celebrating the victory of the Egyptian people. “Does this have a double meaning?” they’d thought. “What does these other people’s victory have to do with you?” They dragged me to the law firm’s meeting room to talk; I said I didn’t know who they were, and called the police. The police took me to the local station, and soon afterwards the DSD arrived to make me talk to them. I’d forgotten that the police station was part of their world, and that the police would cooperate with them. The police said that if I wrote that sort of thing again they’d go after my family, and my boyfriend might lose his job. “If you don’t let us get on with our work in peace,” they said, “we won’t let you get on with anything. No, don’t argue; this is the Communist Party’s China.” It was really awful. At the law firm’s offices, when they’d taken me, they wanted to grab my phone so I couldn’t call the police; I told the police that I’d been robbed. The DSD hadn’t actually acted like thugs, but once the police had taken me to the station with the DSD hurrying after, I was like a chick caught in an eagle’s talons. I hadn’t planned this. Ah, so stupid of me to ...
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