Crack Reporters “Burning Out”

A new survey of Chinese investigative journalists has found that most members of this group – the vast majority of whom are male and under 35 – are burned out from the stress and dangers involved in the work. From Global Times:

Sunday’s report drew on a pool of 343 investigative reporters working for mainland newspapers and magazines. Some 84 percent of investigative reporters are male, 76 percent are 35 years old or younger and 50 percent have been working in the field for between six and eight years, the report found.

“Some local authorities and special interest groups have become more adept at interfering with and obstructing investigative reporters,” Zuo Zhijian, director of the feature department of the Guangzhou-based 21st Century Herald’s Shanghai office, told the Global Times Monday.

Low incomes, heavy workloads and risks associated with the job, which include physical harm, have also made many choose either to quit or move to other beats, said Zuo, who has worked as an investigative reporter for nearly 10 years.

Only 13 percent of those questioned believe they will stay in the field for up to five more years, while 40 percent have decided not to pursue the career, the report found.